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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (26)

March 9, 2018

The Unraveling.  At last.  Or at least the beginning of it:  I started the draft of this page on 2-16, right after the previous, but eye trouble has slowed the posting.  Meanwhile, lots of writers have expressed a sense of turning point, some even using the term “unraveling.”  Next line that day:  So now we know that there was sabotage: M indicts Russians (TPM).  Dkos coverage.  And NYT.  Here’s the text of the indictment.  Here’s a WaPo Timeline.

Sargent (consulting with expert, Randall Eliason) assesses three big points in the indictment: not only sabotage but specific crimes; we still don’t know whether there was T campaign collusion; now we know even better what a massive abdication of responsibility it has been for T to call the idea a hoax.  But note, too, that this was big also because it put to rest, very probably, the fears noted on the previous page of this episode, that T would up and fired M!  This move by M makes that much much more costly for T.

Still 2-16:  Rubin on immediately clear implications (eg Rs “are doing the Russians’ work for them”).  Eliason: The scope of the alleged efforts to tip the election toward Trump, and otherwise to meddle in U.S. politics — both before and after the election — is breathtaking. . . .the great unanswered question is whether the [criminal] conspiracy included anyone involved in the Trump campaign. . . .We still don’t know. . . .Mueller may be just getting started.  TPMFor example? A separate, Feb 12 indictment of Richard Pinedo alledges that he “offered a variety of services designed to circumvent the security features of large online digital payment companies.”  And for more on why this matters: Applebaum: Russians already moving to influence/confuse US opinion, and weaken US resolve, in the Parkland massacre, so as to further Russian political interests:  pro-Russian, alt-right, white-supremacist and pro-gun social media accounts will promote the same hashtags and indulge in the same [anti-US gov and institutions, and pro-gun extremism] conspiracy theories [to deepen social division].  An example of that?  And we’re not doing anything to stop it.  So . . . is President* Trompf “an agent of a foreign government”? Can’t be sure.

What a day that was.  And btw, T’s former legal spokesperson Mark Corallo met with M, for about two hours (Concepcion in TPM).

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