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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (24c)

February 5, 2018

Are the Rs becoming “The Party of Putin”? Or at least Putinesque?

Okay, shoe shifts to other foot: Intel Com Rs (4 of whom have spoken publicly against the Nunes doc), and then President* Trompf, might become the ones refusing to set an Intel doc free.

Early today, Intel Com Dems are pushing the Rs to free their Nunes rebuttal memo, and T is attacking Rep. Schiff, ranking Dem on the committee [suggesting T thinks S is an effective opponent]. Sargent points out that the rebuttal might provide additional, contextual info showing why the Page FISA warrant was justified.

While we wait, several topics are being discussed. One is Nunes himself.

Former CIA Director Brennan says Nunes abused his power as a House (intel) committee chair.

From 2-3, here’s a Tea Party former congressman and still T supporter’s indictment of the tribal Nunes (as if the Tea Party wasn’t tribal enough): So it doesn’t surprise me to see Nunes today, acting more like the chairman of the president’s reelection campaign than chairman of the Intelligence Committee. He wants to please whomever he sees as the person or people running the show. 

And now Nunes says he will McCarthy [my term] the State Department.  Hohmann (WaPo) reports that Nunes might be preparing 5 more memos to be freed, and Hohmann suggests these 6 Qs to ask about potential effectiveness of these memos.  And apparently Nunes will use a process that will make it easier for him to simply free his memos himself [if he goes full-McCarthy he’ll simply wave them in front of the camera].

Which doesn’t surprise Carl Bernstein (of the ‘70s band, Woodward and Bernstein):

We may well have not seen such dark days for American democracy and its institutions since the days of Joe McCarthy. . . .In the whole Cold War, the Russians were not able to do what [Vladimir] Putin has done through Donald Trump — to destabilize the United States and its democratic institutions. It’s stunning. It’s ruinous. . . . If they cannot see how Donald Trump has been manipulated, and how Donald Trump is using this [memo] to avoid legitimate investigation and to poison the institutions of American democracy, then the Republican Party is taking us somewhere where we haven’t been before.

The Republican senator, McCarthy, ultimately was blocked by the Republican president, Eisenhower.

Max Boot, a dapper (rakish? just looking at his photo) conservative, R Never-Trumper, calls for Congress to censure Nunes, as it did McC.

But a Trompf EPA transition advisor leaps to the defense of McCarthy (article, with photo of the young Roy Cohn, later a young Trompf personal political advisor—see also Angels in America, I saw a great production in Prague, by a Brit-Amer expatriot theatre company).

And indeed the situation has brought up Nixon-Trompf comparisons, e.g. by: Marcus (2-1), and Sargent (1-29).

Another ongoing topic is the accelerating morph of the R Party. Here’s a very informative review, by Rucker and Costa (WaPo) of historical R support of “law and order,” now under pressure from within the party.

What agony. To Rs, “law and order” has always meant “use the agencies of government to apply the law to serve R interests, protect their property, and keep their opponents, especially minorities, in order.” In other words, life in a Police State. It has been a major expression of R embodiment of our national psychopathologies of racism, classism, authoritarianism, and theocratic fundamentalism. In this action, as with all of our psycho-pathologies, Trompf is merely an epitome (a perfect example, and a sum, a condensed account, an abstract). Article by LaFraniere, Benner, and Baker.

Update at 6:00 pm east coast time:  House Intel Com votes, unanimously, to free the Dem rebuttal.  Freedom must be approved by Trompf, in next 5 days.  Clock is ticking.  Might get quite interesting.  How soon will the first tweet come?

2-7 but Senate Com won’t call Jared or Jr for public testimony abt T Tower meeting.  2-9 Sen. Feinstein releases “scathing analysis” of the Grassley-Grahman criminal referral of Steele (i.e. attempt to deflect attention from the Russia investigation. /  Here’s Allegra Kirkland’s TPM summary of last week. / Unlike Watergate, this time the crime is worse than the cover-up, and is what will put people in jail (Alter and Ackerman at Daily Beast).  2-14 “Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said Wednesday that the panel had seen an “abundance” of evidence of collusion with Russia and obstruction by Donald Trump’s campaign and administration that is not yet public.”  And money laundering:  “He added: ‘We know that in other places they use money laundering as a way of entangling people, as a way of compromising people. To me that is far more potentially compromising than any salacious video would be’ ” (Guardian). 2-15 Gates near plea deal with M (TPM).  And sure nuff, 2-18 Gates pleads guilty, will cooperate with M, testify against Manafort (who is staring down the barrel of the rest of his life in prison.

[Pages (24a) and (24b) of this episode.]

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