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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (23)

January 29, 2018

Trompf is continuing to obstruct justice. Bad enough that he already has done enough of it to warrant impeachment (on the case as it stands now), he goes right on doing it, unchecked by the R House majority, who are now complicit in the obstruction by aiding and abetting it, i.e. acting with intent to obstruct.  It’s as if they listened to Nixon’s tapes and said, Oh oh, we better back off before something bad happens to our guy (which is what some House Rs actually said at the time).  (On sims and diffs, T & N.)  Eventually it will be T declaring “I am not a crook” (for those of us who remember that Nixon moment). But he is anyway.

Oddly, comparing the present with Nixon, which is in some ways instructive, and the best we’ve go, tends to underestimate the crisis in which T and the Rs are placing our democracy.  This is one of the ways in which the Rs have made significant progress toward their goal of turning the US into an oligarchy with a democratically elected fascist government. This column by Sargent (apparently pub just before the announcement that Andrew McCabe was removed from his position as Assistant Director of the FBI), puts it well, with telling quots from Tim Weiner (author of book on Nixon and the FBI), and link to this timeline.  Thoughts by Rubin on what we know later in the day (Idd spec like the thought that McC is still available as a witness.

Yes, we’re in trouble here. It’s going to come down to the majority of Americans v. the owners and operators of the R Party (e.g. the Koch Bros, NLC, and their network of libertarian good ol’ boys, who are ” ‘now increasingly follow[ing] the philosophy that made Frederick Douglass such an effective social-change entrepreneur,’ ”). / M would need Rosenstein to make impeachment referral. / Nunes and House Rs vote to release scam memo to the full House, to discredit Rosenstein etc.  T will decide within 5 days whether to release it to the public. /  What the memo is about. / Article on effects, if T fires Rosenstein. 1-30 Leonhardt on the R smearing of Rosenstein to extend T’s power over law enforcement (against himself).  / Rubin: “If Trump were to fire Rosenstein and install someone to fire Mueller, the constitutional coup would be complete.” / But it appears that T might have a new strategy for nullifying M:  prosecute him (this article is a fun read about the state of Trompf as he approaches his state of the union address). / A new, highly partisan (guess which party) twist in the McCabe part of the plot.  1-31 M has evidence re Sessions proposed resignation, and why that matters. /  From an experienced point of view: “Five Qs the Nunes Memo Better Answer” (Asha Rangappa, Just Security), or it isn’t worth the paper. Hint:

In sum, the Nunes Memo reportedly alleges that at least a dozen FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors fabricated evidence, engaged in a criminal conspiracy to commit perjury, lucked out on being randomly assigned Judge Low Blood Sugar who looked the other way, and – coincidentally – ended up obtaining evidence that justified extending the initial FISA surveillance. This conspiracy was presumably signed off on by former FBI Director James “I Cannot Tell a Lie” Comey – who, while conspiring to bring down Trump, actually shifted the election in his favor by informing Congress he had reopened the Hillary Clinton email investigation one month after the Page FISA warrant. The sham FISA was validated by one or more federal judges who either didn’t know better or were in on the whole secret and later accepted and used by Special Counsel Mueller who was not a part of the FBI during this time at all.  And despite this widespread and outrageous conduct, the current Assistant Attorney General, a Trump appointee, wrote Nunes about the memo to say, “we are currently unaware of any wrongdoing relating to the FISA process.”

Well we can’t complain that the government lacks transparency; everything that the Rs and T do has become completely transparent; they have turned the emperor’s no-clothes wardrobe into high fashion.

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