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Dream 1-26-18

January 26, 2018

For about a month I’ve been having dreams of serious struggle, in situations ranging from domestic quarrels to world-wide war. They haven’t exactly been nightmares; but some of the domestic dynamics, when closer to my actual past, even involving myself and an imaginally significant other, have been painful, and I’ve awakened with a sour taste or a feeling of futility. But a few nights ago I had a brief dream with the real nightmare sense of mortal danger.

In the night, a man, a killer, came up behind me, grabbed me around the chest, and began to squeeze me to death. It wasn’t a strangle hold. He was crushing the area of my heart and lungs, constricting my breathing and my flow of blood.

I grabbed his arms and tried to pull them apart, telling myself that I could do it. But like in an arm wrestle, I would feel a surge of strength and make some progress against my opponent, but then run out of energy and be forced back. Each time, I would say to myself again, you can do it, you have enough strength. But I would fail. As the last chance arrived, and it was either free myself or go under, I told myself, in real desperation but firmly, you do have the power to break his hold, if you summon every possible strength and make your fullest possible exertion. But it will take everything you’ve got. I did that, and as I woke up it seemed that his grip was loosening.

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