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About That Coup

December 31, 2017

On the well-established and now widely recognized principle that Republicans (sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously) charge their opponents with exactly the dastardly behavior that they, themselves, are doing, or hope and intend to do, we had best be aware of what Republicans might be imagining.

White House senior advisor, K Con-way, often sounds like she’s out of her gourd; but she’s an experienced, paid, professional extremer who knows exactly what she’s saying, as do her owners.

Btw, there’s reason to suspect that, on this very night, at midnight no less, New York City will declare a New Year! With Best Wishes for a D/democratic Pursuit of Happiness.

[5:03 PST:  Just rcvd a Bonne année from friends in Paris, where it’s now 2018!  I’m feeling such relief to be getting out of 2017, and such hope for a steadily improving 2018. I think we can do it.  Don’t know at what cost, but let’s get it done!  (Btw:  Don’t forget to breathe.)]

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