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Concerning, Realistically,

December 27, 2017

whether the Republicans will give up their power to rule the country, I’m afraid that the answer is, No—no more, and probably less, than did the Republican Plutocrats of 1932-41 (consider this bankster real cockamamie). Their power to rule will have to be taken away from them, and converted into the power to govern well.  But, how?

I’m thinking that Hair Trompf will not go gently into that gilded night. He will throw a tantrum. And if that doesn’t work, he will scream “I hate you,” and cause as much damage as he can. We know that he is the Clown King of Chaos. If necessary he will throw civil government and civil society into chaos, in order to get his way.

McConnell and all Congressional Republicans will continue to enable him until we have taken away their toys.

So it’s like: if we can get millions into the street; if we can get Democrats to get off their butts and vote. Yes, those actions might do it.  But I have my doubts.  Bigly.

Republicans will punch, kick, and bite.  They have connived for decades to achieve their power of minority rule. They like what they have done with it, so far, and they are hungry for more. T, McC, and PR have been grinning like 6-yr-old boys who have pulled a girl’s pigtails and are giddy with accomplishment in their world.

Republicans prefer plutocracy, rule by a wealthy elite, not democracy.  I doubt they will give up their ruling power, just because they have been outvoted. I doubt they will acquiesce in the result of a democratic system of shifting distributions of power, reflecting the will of the whole people.

Racist Republican voters will not democratically give up ruling power to a Democratic Party that features people of color and a culture of diversity.

Sexist Republican voters will not democratically give up ruling power to a Democratic Party that increasingly features women.

Fundamentalist Republican voters will not democratically give up ruling power to a Democratic Party that does not recognize the rightness of their Protestant theocracy.

Greedy, self-serving, addictive plutocrats and oligarchs will not democratically give up ruling power to a Democratic Party that will take away a significant part of their wealth, status, privilege, and control of everyone around them, near and far.

In other words, we can have a conversation about electing a Democratic majority in 2018, and about impeaching Hair Trompf, and about a Democratic President with a Dem congress in 2021, as if our history of elections and peaceful transfers of power were the model, and as if the impeachment option that worked justly with Nixon and Clinton will work with Trompf. But I’m afraid that this time it’s going to be different. Today’s Republicans will not bow to democracy, the Constitution, or the will of the people.

As I project the plot forward (admittedly a shaky thing to do in a nonfiction novel), the American oligarchs and plutocrats, having used the Republican party to establish a fascist (American style) government, including the fascist tendency to authoritarianism, and ultimately totalitarianism, will use their ruling power to maintain their rule, by any means necessary.

They don’t care about anyone but themselves; and they can’t imagine a good life that doesn’t include controlling others and getting whatever they want.

The question then will be whether people of good will constitute a majority of our population, and whether they will be brave enough to force the Republicans to relinquish the power to rule.  In which case:

People, get ready, there’s a storm coming.

(Ha. Just as I was finishing typing these loud thoughts, this headline slid into my emailbox: “Hoover, FDR, transition of power,” summoning me to a New Yorker article that includes this sentence: “Others ask, more broadly, what does it mean to preserve, project, or even hijack political authority?”)

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