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Escenario fantástico

December 17, 2017

in which, as soon as Hair Trompf has signed the Taxation Upward Transfer of Wealth (from the poor, working class, and middle class to corporations that are big enough to be people, my friends, and a few superfluously rich white folks) bill of 2017, Congressional Republicans impeach him, find him guilty of some offence, and remove him from office (with overwhelming support, of course, from Democrats). Republicans then call upon the Nevertrompf wing of the party to join them in rebranding themselves as the Reformed True Sober and Straight Conservatives. They do. Thereby they distract from their antisocial, fascist agenda, in service of the oligarchy, and defuse the investigation, and defuse the equality movements.  All in time for the 2018 campaigning.  With the Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk funding the standard libertarians, and President Pinch keeping the white fundamentalist base in place, and with continuing voter suppression and gerrymandering, they perpetuate minority rule.

Watch for it. Coming soon, to a bank far from you.

(Btw: On the theory that Nixon [ * ]was dumped when the Owners of the Party considered him more a liability than an asset, how are the owners lining up now?  With Trompf and the investigation, T is on one side of a party civil war. Bob Mercer’s Cambridge Analytica (Big Data for targeting voters) might be in trouble with Mueller. Will the KBI have anything more to gain from a T administration, after they get their tax gift? Is their libertarian ideological politics helped by Bannonism?

And how are they lining up on the firing of Mueller? Is the investigation getting too hot? Are the Rs feeling some global warming? How about a Trompfian “Christmas Eve massacre”? “Merry Christmas. You’re fired.” Like corporations do.)

[ * ] 12-18-17:  Greg Sargent at WaPo points out that T has something Nixon did not have, “a very powerful and far-reaching network of media propaganda on his behalf — one that casts all these ongoing efforts to subject Trump to basic accountability as fundamentally illegitimate.”

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