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He’s Crazy. They’re Predators. Help!

September 28, 2017

We’re wasting life. The depletion of natural life sources and remaining life re-sources is staggering.

I’ve been in the Cascades for a few days, rediscovering what quiet is, and how quickly it changes the body, including the brain. And I saw the Milky Way for the first time in years. Yes, all of those stars that were up there when I was a kid, during the FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower administrations, are still there.

They helped me realize, as a narrator of nonfiction, that we’ve reached a moment in the plot when three things are baldly clear. Stating the obvious:

ONE Whatever else the President of the United States is, he’s a crazy person. Out of his gourd. Less than capable brain. Serious permanent state of mental malfunction. Creeping fuzziness. According to what I’ve read, not so long ago he had his terrible personality disorders, exacerbating his sexism and racism, but he was capable of consistently lucid (if ugly) thought, and he could even be charming in public. But now—I’m still guessing senility.

TWO Meanwhile, 63+ million American voters used his Republican candidacy as an opportunity to make fools of themselves. (If they don’t make amends soon—and maybe they will—it will be too late.  Hearts of Stone, as the song goes.) The Republican plutocrats and politicians prey upon the greedy, the hateful, the desperate, the ignorantly gullible, and anyone else who is vulnerable. That’s the natural food source of Extractors. They will continue to do so, to their utmost ability, until all of their easy prey are reduced to dry husks, and the rest of us are feeble with loss of blood.

Viewed by the past 400 yrs on this continent, “What Happened” to Hillary and the Democrats was that Trompf served the Rs as catalyst of a perfect chaos of the psycho-pathologies of American democracy. (As the author wrote, in June 2014:Bottom line, I believe that we have the outrageous fortune of living in an extraordinary moment of American history. (1) The great psychopathologies and psycho-pathologies of our democracy are cross-fertilizing: lust for wealth; ownership and exploitation of the earth; classism and residual aristocracy; sexism; racism; xenophobia; propensity for violence; militarism; know-nothingness [I’ll add, religious fundamentalism]. (2) Americans with remarkable financial power have laid the foundation (and are starting on the walls) of a genuinely, albeit American styled, fascist government. (3) To serve their interests they have captured one of our major political parties, and gained influence in the other. (4) Worst of all, climate change can soon—yes, soon—make life miserable, even unendurable, for billions of persons (not billions of $$) and countless species.

This is a crucial moment in global history. We have to make it a transformational moment.

As I see it this morning, whatever were the motivations of those 63+ mil in November (including a crucial handful of disaffected Obama voters), since the Trompf inauguration and the beginning of failed Republican governance, that party has purified itself down to plutocratic white-supremacists, corporate white supremacists, and rural white supremacists (“white supremacist”: person who takes skin color to be a major identifier of worth, believes that white is right, and fears that the deserved privilege of white domination might be taken away by the wrong). And they’re all sexist.

THREE  We’ve come up short of time. It’s too late to save an unimaginably (until recently) large number of lives that are in jeopardy. We’re going to lose our own, too, if we don’t get on it.

Even within the planetary scope of the problem, it would be significantly helpful to get Republicans, from the Koch Bros (NLC) on down, out of power and influence. That blood-drenched party appears to be developing an internal civil war between its satanic elitists and its devilish, blood-and-soil nationalist-populists. That will weaken it. Maybe like cures like, but foolery is no cure for fools (Josh Marshall is excellent on this, at TPM).

We must mobilize enough voters to overwhelm the Rs, and treat our national psycho-pathologies, with loving kindness, wisdom, and sanity. Those jokers can and must be defeated, with a campaign of national turn out and turn around.

That said, I’m going to Ireland for a few weeks, with the author and friends, T and S. Maybe good things will happen in America while I’m gone. I certainly hope so.

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