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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (15)

September 18, 2017

Oh my.  R u in the mood for a cheap, sordid, nonfiction novella of international intrigue involving glamorous women, pop singers, Russian oligarchs, possibly the world’s richest man (at maybe $200B), probably obstruction of justice, possibly collusion to swing an American election, possibly money laundering and other lucrative crimes, and The President of the United States?  Read “Trump in Moscow,” a Guardian investigative report by Jon Swaine (NY) and Shaun Walker (Moscow).

And we learn that investigators wiretapped Manafort, before and after election, then after raiding his home told him that they planned to indict him; and based on evidence, a judge agreed there was good reason for investigators to see Facebook info re. possible contributions by foreign persons (which info Fbk has provided).  Here’s “a quick and dirty analysis by Lawfare.  Josh Marshall’s contextualizes, here and then here.  9-20 Mueller following how Manafort’s (Russian) money works. / Russia-linked groups used Fbk to organize for Trompf. / During campaign, Manafort offered private briefing to Russian billionaire.  9-21 Q:  Why did Trompf hire Manafort, of all people, to run his campaign, knowing, surely, exactly what M was, internationally?  Mueller has subpoenaed ALL WH docs related to anything Manafort.  Will they provide the answer? / (This is fun: T’s 2/17 “I know nothing and no one” about Russia/Manafort.) / WaPo (Philip Bump) chart of overlap of t and Russian interests. 9-22 DHS:  “Russian gov cyber actors” targeted 21 states. 9-28 Russian use of Twitter will be investigated.

10-21 Trompf says he’ll pay $435K of aides’ investigation legal costs (conflict of interest much?).  10-27  Cash to (through?) Cohen.

[Pages (1) and (14) and (16) of this episode.]

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