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Defeating Fascism (American Style) (5b)

September 14, 2017

With Trompf choosing deferred gratification on his beautiful wall toy (or not), thereby angering (and confusing) some of his constituents, this seems like a good moment for a follow-up on his attractiveness to his major voter groups, as characterized in the Ekins report (see page 5a). How has an incompetent monstrosity attracted them, and how might he become less attractive?

(But an important reminder: this voter study did not adequately address sexism/misogyny or racism!) *

The idea on this page is to think about defeating fascism by frustrating that 5-cluster base (I’ll restrain my sense of humor here), as Schumer and Pelosi maybe have in mind.  Many of those voters, unlike T, are so set in their interests, and downright rabid about getting what they want, that it might be possible to dilute their power by causing collisions that spin off its energies in disappointments and disillusionments. What will happen as more and more T voters feel disgruntled or even alienated in the land of Trompf?

* [Update next day:  . . .or authoritarianism (incl bullying) or Party über alles!  Eric Levitz (New York Mag), citing espec Thomas Edsall (NYT) and Brigham Young political scientists, suggests that those factors may well trump not only conservative principles but issue importance.  / Greg Sargent presents the complexity and confusion around DACA, for example, and how the resolution might tell us something about the T base.]

[Sept:  From Harvard poll/study of “The Public’s Views of Tax Reform and Other Domestic Issues:” % of Republicans who said this issue is a top priority for Congress:  Repeal Ocare (53), Reduce fed budget deficit and spending (36), Reduce taxes on individuals and businesses (34), Increase defense spending (33), Lower prescription drug prices (30), Build that wall (28), Limit immigration (27), Improve infrastructure (18), Raise min wage (14), Investigate Russian involvement in our elections (10).

At first place among All Respondents: drug prices (40), Dems: drug prices (51), Indies: drug prices (36). Last place among All: wall (11), Dems: wall (6), Indies: wall (6).]

We have the recent example of the debt limit accord; and now (Sept 13) we get to watch the playing out of DACA: “Both sides agreed that the White House and the Democratic leaders would work out a border security package,” say the Dem leadership (my bold). Ha! (This reporting illustrates how confusing it can be to “deal” with T. And here’s an immediate response on the DACA-hating Right, and so on.)

(1) So, on this issue of immigration, nativism, invasion by aliens, scary Others: according to the Ekins study T risks seriously pissing off 51% of his 2016 voters.

T’s “core constituency” of “American Preservationists” is against allowing any of that! 12,600,000 voters, for 20% of the T vote. More than any other issue polled, they want T to “restrict immigration” (81% of them named it). (But on other economic issues, and global warming, they share views with Dems.)

Meanwhile, 31% of T voters (19,530,000 of them), “Staunch Conservatives,” also are rabid for gov restriction of immigration (84%). No way they tolerate more free-loading rabble. (And no way they’ll agree with Dems, on anything.)

25% of T voters (15,550,000), the “Free Marketeers,” are secure libertarians who just want to continue to do their successful thing. They prefer to keep gov, and certainly T (they voted anti-HC), out of it. They don’t feel threatened by people from other cultures, and probably even enjoy night club diversity. (Full disclosure:  I personally find libertarians repulsive.)

19% of T voters (11,970,000) seem like they’re Dems except more skeptical about immigration and maybe Muslims, but no big deal.

(2) On T’s infamous gov spending/debt limit deal with Dems (Sept 6), 80 senators voted to pass it, which I think means 32 Rs. Who might be pissed about that? On “reduce nat debt: SCs 67% named it, FMs 65, APs 61, and A-Es 58 (it’s the only issue they get really worked up about.  “Reduce gov”: SCs 77 (but they will only vote R), FMs 65, and APs, but only 53.

(3) What about the R failure to scuttle Ocare, with T all over the barn yard about it? In addition to the numbers above, on reducing the size and role of gov, “reform the health care system,” which surely means dump Ocare, is desired by SCs 78 (just above “combat terrorism” 77), FMs 64, and APs 61.

So I’d say there’re some serious areas of concern among significant T voter groups.

Are we seeing signs of a dropping off of T support, because of his betrayals or failures? Not much, that I’ve seen reported. But it’s early, from this point of view.  I’m still hopeful. Here are some related positives (for me):

Back on 8-9 Jennifer Rubin (WaPo conservative columnist) offered this context of general shrinkage.  9-2 Respondents who approve of T like his personality a lot, but policies and record of opposing Dems, not so much.  9-3 Two R senators, Heller and Flake might be in trouble over Ocare. / And John Wagner in WaPo abt T’s appeal to his “dwindling base.”   9-6 Former O voters who then voted T might be feeling shaky abt it.  9-13 (after those deals) R-leaning Indies who say “Republican” label fits them well declines by 15% since 2016, to 33%.  9-14  And what, then, when we get to taxation? 9-22  R donor cluster appears quite disappointed with do-nothing R Congress.

I’ll continue to follow this hound, and we’ll listen for it to yell louder. Maybe we’ll see T up a tree as the night wears on.

[Pages (1), (5a), and (6) of this episode. Index to “Trump” episode.]

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