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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (14)

August 27, 2017

The insufficiently imagined character, Herr Trompf, Latter-Day President of the Confederacy, masquerading as an American, simply must be impeached, now, regardless of any other consideration, because he has taken off his glove and slapped the face of our democratic identity, by placing himself clearly outside of, and above, the law. By pardoning the sadistic, racist, dictatorial sheriff, Arpaio (see bottom of previous page), T has asserted his Supreme Authority and authoritarianism. He has positioned himself like a mythical, self-made, OT god, who can simultaneously make and break the rules, with impunity, because he instantaneously forgives himself of anything that he thinks to do in order to inflate himself. He would pardon Lucifer if L would just show a little loyalty and turn down his light. He believes that the devil, like a very smart Russian, is in on the deal.

And he is trying to position himself beyond the reach of democratic laws and law enforcement. He will push the legal and moral boundaries that restrict of his ego entirely out of the way, if we do not remove him from power.  He is insatiable.

Really, the guy is ill. He’s a prime example of the sick imagination.

It’s a mortal duel: him or us. Autocracy dies or democracy dies.

So this seems like a good time to begin a new page of this episode about the Constitutional castration of a rogue president. We must shear more than his hair. Mueller’s investigation is the factual, verifiable, way of realizing that metaphor.

As a general rule, we must have verified and verifiable truths, arrived at through a method of discovering and verifying them, because we no longer rely on special, inspired individuals, priests or kings, to tell us what is true; i.e. we believe that just about anybody has the talent to distinguish a factual reality, given the desire and a reliable way of doing it. So we have the scientific method (which T “confounds“), and our logical, public system of achieving justice.  This perspective is foundational for democracy.  We shine our lights.

Herr Trompf, and his Republican enablers know that quite well. Now they must dis-enable him, or choose the fascist, one-party, rule that they have been trying to put in place, ever since the crook, Nixon, and the Southern strategy. Can they opt for democracy, at the risk of their own power? Do they have the desire, and will they use the means?  The Rs are staring into the eyes of The Great Dark, l’ombre fondamentale, themselves. I doubt they have the guts to be honest with themselves and do what they must (vanden Heuvel illustrates).  More likely, they will turn away.

[Rich that Arpaio is guilty of “criminal contempt” of justice, of which T shows such mastery in pardoning him.  Readers who got this far also liked perspectives by:  Feldman (Bloomberg), Chong and Wittes (Lawfare), Rubin (WaPo), Krugman (“Fascism, America Style”) (NYT), Gerson (WaPo),  Chong (NYer), López (Nation), Hing (Nation), Bauer (WaPo), Sargent (WaPo), Beutler (TNR), Lacovara (WaPo), Rubin (WaPo),

8-27 And so the investigation continues:  During early campaign, T was working on a business deal in Russia.  And yes.  And before that.  8-29  Commentary by Josh Marshall (TPM). / And including sanctioned banks. / Okay, so as Rubin points out, we’re riding parallel trains:  T and the Rs are in one, denying everything; the rest of us are in the other, knowing more than enuff.  We stare at each other, wondering.  How much farther before the collision? [*] 8-30 Yep:  “Special counsel Robert Mueller has joined forces with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — a longtime adversary of President Donald Trump— to investigate possible financial crimes [incl money laundering] by Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, according to Politico.”  And btw, can T pardon someone found guilty in a state case?  Nope.   8-31 The Russian ‘lobbyist’ from Trump Tower meeting has appeared before the grand jury. / How can Kushner get enuff money? / JM’s early thoughts on news that Manafort took notes at Jr-Veselnitskaya meet, incl mention of funding, RNC, and DNC. 9-2 (So what?) 9-6 Facebook sold ad space to Russians, for political content, and is turning material over to Mueller. (Scott Shane in NYT explains one of the Russian social media methods:  fake Americans.)  9-7 Jr now says he agreed to the meeting in order to see if Russians actually had info reflecting on Clinton fitness for office, but he wouldn’t have used such info unless cleared by council. [**] 9-8  Mueller gives WH names of six advisors and staff members likely to be interviewed, incl Hicks, Priebus, Spicer. / Anne Applebaum (WaPo) points out that we know the motive, method, and application of Russian interference, plus circumstantial evidence of T campaign collusion.  It’s like those walls in Poe that keep closing in. 9-11 FBI investigating “internal structure, editorial process, and funding” of Russian news agency, Sputnik, to see if “it is acting as an undeclared propaganda arm of the Kremlin in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).” / Waldman (WaPo) thinks Bannon [in Rose interview] expressed concern that the M investigation can end the T presidency: “Bannon’s unspoken logical chain goes like this: Trump fires Comey, which leads to the appointment of a special counsel, which leads to the discovery of terribly damaging information about Trump, which brings him down, either through resignation or impeachment.” 9-13 An example of Russians using Facebook during our election to spread hate messages (more on that, and). / Lobbying activities of Flynn son being examined (Turkish, Saudi, Russian business interests). / WH attempting to discredit Comey by saying he broke federal law. 9-15 M brings Feeney from Kleptocracy Asset Recovery.  9-17 Panik?, as WH is up to here in lawyers.

[*] Isn’t this it?:  T knows that the fruit of the investigation will destroy him and his family; but thinks he can pardon everybody; but if he does, he’ll need his base to save him (he thinks) from impeachment.

Must keep in mind that he’s a master delusional illusionist.  He (& Rs) will get nothing done now, except manipulations for self-defense.  Which means that he will become more and more offensive, because that’s the only way he knows, and delights in.

[**] 9-6 to 8  Suddenly (quite) T is dissing the R leadership and playing nice with the Dems.  I’m thinking that, as T knows the investigation is closing in, and with the White House now controlled by the Generals, T believes that he needs more than his base to protect him (which he will keep via Bannon/Breitbart et al.), he also needs congressional Dems.  The most important things, to him, are the attractiveness of the T family brand and his opportunities to enrich himself.  Even if the House impeaches, he stays unless the Senate finds him guilty.  The argument, at least behind the curtain, will be that the Dems can do better with T than with Pence.  The Rs will lose Congress, but that only increases T’s control of the remnant R Party of Trompfite loyalists.  This doesn’t have to make sense.  T is a momentarian American pragmatist.

[Pages (1) and (13) and (15) of this episode.]

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