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A Way Out of Their Mess

August 23, 2017

Republicans and the Trompf family need to get out of this mess of their own making before their brands are completely ruined, i.e. very soon. If I were imagining this plot line, instead of narrating a nonfiction political novel, here’s how it would go:

Herr Trompf is cracking up and breaking down, seemingly moment by moment. (Scenes in public and private.) The Mueller investigation is rightly moving with intense care (as a “criminal investigation” of a president who believes he is beyond the law), but too slowly to provide sufficient grounds for impeachment by enough Republicans in the House—and removal from office by the Republican Senate—in time for Rs to save themselves from self-destruction, via that route.

So, Republicans reach the point where they can turn the government over to Pence, via a 25th Amendment, declaration of mental incompetence [groundwork is being laid, even as I imagine]. How unfortunate are T, the T family, and the nation, that this lamentable but natural phenomenon of aging has hit T so early, and just as he was about to make America great again.

Before initiating the process, Pence guarantees Rs (in scenes behind the scenes) that he will continue the Koch Bros (NLC)-R Party fascist legislative agenda, and that he will leave the T cabinet intact, at least for a face-saving period, so that they can continue their fascist agenda of de-regulation, privatization, and bigoted oppression (Jim Crow, antimin, antiim, and antiwom), at which they are being remarkably successful.

The Trompf family is assured that they will not be exposed as criminals, but will be celebrated for their service to the nation and their care for their demented and patriotic patriarch.

And there he goes!

Don’t you wish this were fiction?

[Later in the day:  here’s journalism on the 25th in the immediate context.  The article ends with the suggestion that we are lucky that T has surrounded himself with (3) generals.  Okay, better than nothing; but I also think that the degree to which T has incorporated men in uniform into his administration is suggestive of fascist governance.]

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