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On borrowed time

August 16, 2017

“If this plane crashes on take-off, at least I’ll die knowing that Herr Trompf is going down,” I thought, as I left the ground at SEATAC, a few minutes ago.  New volcanos could erupt beneath the warming Arctic ocean, I read earlier this morning.  The planet is in meltdown, and so is Trompf and his administration and his brand.

We’re living on borrowed time.  Surely this page, scrawled on a borrowed computer, marks a major turning of the plot.  And I’m up in the air, mid-flight.

My space on this new 737-800/900 comes right to the edge of a position of torture.  I think of My Man Dick, and I wonder which Republican politician has the coldest heart, Cheney or Trompf.  Or could it be Mister Sinister, My Man Mikey?

The moment of truth is upon us, and upon the Republican Party.  Can the Republicans set aside their cynicism, and their self-serving, just enough to take the political action that the nation, and the living planet, desperately need them to take?


8-17  This morning, in a Guardian interview with voters in Bethlehem PA, a woman Progressive activist says, “He’s delivering exactly what they wanted.  White male supremacy.”  Her friend:  “No women and no minorities.”  And I see in a new poll, pre-Charlottesville, that 47% of women said T should be impeached (up from 35% in Feb; 32% of men, up from 26%).  I’m thinking, women know that they are the main target.  All those angry young white men with their torches want their mothers to be back under control, and their sisters, and the women in their classes and where they work.  Women whom they date and women whom they marry.  Women who do not bow and scrape before their superiority and their authority.  Women who threaten their confidence in their potency.  Women who no longer make them feel needed.  Women who might replace them, everywhere.  Women whom they deeply fear and resent.

Of course the problem for them is how to target enough women, as a class, to bring all women under control.  For instance in a way comparable to the ease of shooting black men at regular intervals, hassling black men at any moment, terrorizing black women with the randomness of violence against their families or themselves, or slandering Black Lives Matter.  Or the ease of deportations of Latin American immigrants.  How can all women be terrorized?  Eliminating Planned Parenthood would hurt a lot of women, but it would not bring Woman under control.  Republicans have an advantage, however, in not having to worry about offending white Evangelical Christian women, since they agree with the denigration of women.  As long as they have Pence in the White House, they’ll stand by their man, and stand by.

8-18  Well.  That’s more like.  I went to bed discouraged, but this morn I’m an optimist again, as it looks as though America’s moderate elites may yet come through for us (or not), now that it appears as though the majority of the citizenry will not stand for any more of this.  Romney says (on behalf of America’s children, a year late) that Hair Trompf is threatening the fabric of the nation, and Gore has called on T to resign.  The appointed heads of the armed services have rejected T’s incitement to racism, bigotry, and violence.  Multiple CEOs have actively expressed concern that T is bad for business.  The Confederate President’s arts commission has resigned, en masse.

8-19  In a lateral move, Bannon has left the WH and immediately returned to the Breitbart that he crawled out of, where he can again be Top Cafard and rabble rouser, continue to serve the T fascist agenda and autocracy, and aggravate for his nationalist-populist remake of the R Party and the country. In basketball terms, T can now play an “inside-outside” game, scoring in the center or at the periphery as opportunity presents. Keep the ball in motion, like that pea that is supposedly under one of the walnut shells. The Mercers will make sure that B has plenty of oligarchic cash, and their man Cruz can compete with Pence for the Fundamentalist vote. Things can only get worse.

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