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Defeating Fascism (American Style) (6)

August 15, 2017

F (AS) can be defeated, but not even America can guarantee that it will be. Americans must do it. The rapidly developing crisis of terrorist violence perpetrated by white supremacist organizations who are launching an offensive across the country, and by Hair Trompf and his regime in the White House, must be countered by masses of resisters and by morally responsive elites.

Some brief thoughts about strategy and tactics:

1) The fascists must be vastly outnumbered, in public, and in private actions. I believe that, as we found in the sixties, a critical mass of Americans can be rallied in defense of our moral principles (by “action from principle,” as Thoreau named it), including universal human rights, extended to citizens and noncitizens alike. We must insist on the application of the fundamental truths of our founding documents. However “aspirational” they may be, they are our identifying creed, and we are capable of realizing them significantly in our daily lives, personally and institutionally.

2) Rev. King had it right: the only moral option and the only strategy for victory is nonviolence. Overwhelming nonviolent action. Jubilant, dogged, loving, brave and sacrificial nonviolence.

3) Trump must be removed from office. That is an absolute demand.

4) Today’s Republican Party, as a whole, and especially its billionaires, is a fascist party, by commission and by omission. Republicans, as a party, as billionaire funders, as individual politicians, and as voters, must be called out, confronted, publically and privately pressured to change their fascist ways. Politicians who do not do so must be thrown out of office.

5) America’s elite individuals, including billionaires and CEOs, must refuse to cooperate with the Trompf regime. If they do not refuse, we must refuse to cooperate with them, including publically and privately ending our hero worship.

6) Democrats must stop being passive-aggressive and launch a pervasive counter-offensive. We must demand that the Democratic Party, at every level of elective office, bravely step forward with vision and leadership, toward defeating fascism, ending addictive money-idolatry, healing the nation, and promoting a high quality of life for all Americans. For a start, the national party must stop pretending that it is not complicit in the rise of fascist ideology and hopes.

Trompf and his white nationalist vanguard have chosen this moment to precipitate a national clarification of conscience. All Americans must be called upon to declare themselves. It is time and past time, and it might become too late.

[Update:  This is encouraging.  Renewable, sustainable energy.  And tactics.  ]

[Pages (1) and (5a) of this episode.]

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