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Defeating Fascism (American Style) (4)

August 3, 2017

Interesting wrinkle, and maybe just in time (but probably too late): we have a fascist government without a Leader. Our fascist Republicans are setting aside the elected President of their regime. Now we get to see whether they can make that work, and how.

Okay, I’m semi-fictionalizing the plot line of a nonfiction novel, at the start of this page. But it sure looks to me as though that’s what the Republicans have decided to do. He’s worthless to them.  Set him aside, while pretending that he’s still a factor. It makes good sense, from their point of view—in fact, they can see that it’s their only option other than going down with the ship.

Hair Trompf has rendered himself impotent and meaningless. His family, whom some thought could adequately moderate his excesses, either cannot, or have no desire to do so. Now, it appears they will soon be exposed as financial criminals (“Have fun, kids.”). At best, their energies will be consumed by their attempts to defend themselves before the law.

What’s worse, he threatens to castrate the Party, on the federal level, and to hobble or lame it on the state and local levels. More than failing to help pass bills, he hurts Republican congressional efforts, and then he disparages Republican politicians. He is increasingly a PR liability, and at any moment he could become a nightmare. He just gets in the way.

A growing number of citizens can see that his disordered personality and malevolent character make him unfit for office; and few voters who have anything at stake do actually want their government to be lead by a clown.

A majority of Republicans will continue to avidly support a Republican regime, but few will long continue to believe that that requires anything more than a Trompfian figurehead.

No nation can count on him, allies must protect themselves against him, assorted international leaders publicly mock him, and now the Russians are doing their best to “play” him, by tweeting at his ego.

I do think that the collapse of Hair Trompf is a defeat for Fascism (American Style) (although his plutocratic style show is likely to go on playing); but this is like the loss of a single army, on a front where Republicans think they can successfully throw other forces into the gap.

Trompf is not the first president to become unable to perform his duties, while remaining in office; but has there been another who was so difficult to work around, or so forcefully visible? My narrative plan for this page is to keep an eye on how the Republicans try to pull this off. Here’s a start: new WH Handler, General Kelly, tells aggressively racist AG Sessions not to worry, and to keep up the good work (Kelly also made courtesy calls to Dem cong leaders, Schumer and Pelosi). 8-4 A note about affirmative action in college admissions.

Bottom line for this page:  The Rs will try to go directly from fascist failure to fascist effective by folding their operation.  They do not have the guts, let alone integrity, to impeach; and they will never apply the core D solution of loving their neighbors.

[Pages (1) and (2) and (3) of this episode.]

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