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Trump Hitler-esque (2)

August 2, 2017

In Fascism (American Style), ultra authoritarianism takes the form of Our Father(figure), who is Our Leader. Currently, that’s Hair Trompf, father of the nation’s First (internationally criminal business) Family.

Recently I’ve been updating “Trump Hitler-esque,” which was originally thought out loud on December 12, 2015; and today I decided that I should simply start a new page of that episode. A lot has happened. Nothing has changed. Except to get worse. I fully believe that we have not seen our very worst.

For instance, our figurative Father can target women, as The Other, much more destructively than he has done personally. Let’s always keep in mind that in a male-dominant, sexually binary, hierarchical society, every female is forced to play the role, in more or less explicit forms, of prostitute. Every.  Not that they prostitute themselves, but that they are prostituted by a man or by the terms of male dominance.  Each person, by virtue of one trait is inescapably assigned to a group, which is subordinated, for the purpose of servitude, based on sexual servitude.  If you are born female, in such a society, you are born to prostitution, for survival.  I’ve heard it said, always by men, that “the oldest profession is prostitute;” but more likely it’s pimp, and started when a father or brother sold his daughter’s or sister’s body.  The only respite is to pass as male; but that act of passing only acknowledges Male Authority, by donning a mask of self-betrayal. Prostitutes are property, purchased and owned, subject to whim, temporarily by an individual, or permanently and pervasively by a malevolent, authoritarian gender.  In this male life-style, women are made to serve men, in every imaginable way.

If I were imagining this plot line, we would yet see Hair Trompf act out his national gender dominance in a strikingly more destructive way. Maybe it would take the form of a generalized lash to the backs of politically resisting women.  For sure, it would be extreme, and essentially an act of terror.

Continuing to think out loud about ethnic cleansing (American Style):  HT’s new Chief of Staff, General Kelly, brought over from Homeland Security, has been anti-immigration from Central America, and pro-travel ban. / Sociopathic (my opinion) bigot (everybody knows) Stephen Miller, a former AG Jeff Sessions staffer and now HT aide, plays the classic “working class race” card and substitutes “American liberty enlightening the world” for the eloquent statement of universal compassion on the Statue of liberty (which he describes, echoing white suprems, as something added later, not part of the original).

Bottom Line (at least for this page): the cruelties and crimes committed by many Germans under Hitler, Russians under Stalin, and Japanese under Hirohito were extraordinary, but they were not unique in history. People did those things, and people must prevent people from doing them again. I know of no empirical (as opposed to imperial) evidence that we the people of the United States are not capable of doing them, or of preventing them from being done. Nor do we have any reason, other than blind faith, to think that we would never give up our democracy, or have it taken from us.  We will not be protected by our national mythology, nor does either the Decl of Ind or the Constitution have the power, for instance, to protect us from reactionary courts.  Rather, using those powers of idea and ideal, and of political organization, we’ll have to protect ourselves.

The owners and operators of today’s Republican Party, and specifically the Trompf regime, clearly are authoritarian and fascist in their social and political philosophies. Their actions are so extreme that only the naïve cannot see that they are the type of people who offer the potential for dictatorship (American Style) and extraordinary cruelty. To protect ourselves, we must analyze and understand who they truly are (even by comparing T to H), resist, remove them from office, reverse the results of their actions, and repudiate their philosophy. Where crimes are shown to have been committed, the criminals must suffer the just consequences.

The sooner the better.

8-13 And now Hair Trompf has ignored the terrorist bombing of a mosque, and allied himself with nazi white supremacists, by refusing to condemn their terrorist violence, bigotry, hatred.  He lit their torches, with his rhetorical fantasies of righteous  “fire and fury.”  He is one of them, and they know it; and so do we all.

[Page (1) of this episode.]

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