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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (13)

July 31, 2017

How the Russian and International Kleptocracy does it. E.g. Putin worth 200 Billion (U.S., I assume), with his government crime syndicate. This testimony screams for the role of starting a new page of this episode. American plutocrats, including families such as Hair Trompf’s, and many of his cabinet members, are some of the biggest fools among us, as human beings; but they and their lawyers learn fast, when it comes to cornering the market on money. Give fascism (American style) enough of a chance, and this is what the American government can become.

When we read about Republican legislators struggling to block health care and channel “safety net” money into the pockets of plutocrats, cabinet members denying global warming and selling America’s land to fossil fuels profiteers (& etc. cabinet shenanigans), appointments of radical Right-wingers to the judiciary, Republican gerrymandering and vote suppression, Trompf’s quarrel with Sessions, Mueller’s investigation and those of the House and Senate committees, all the other blah blah blah, and the coming constitutional crisis, let’s keep in mind that for the oligarchs and their enablers this is really what’s it’s all about:  the division of the spoils, the amassing of shitloads of money, by any means necessary.

WaPo report:  Trompf dictated lie, amounting to obstruction (or at best, obfuscation) of justice.  (Or did Putin have a hand in it?) / Former ethics chief thinks we look like a kleptocracy.  8-1  Mueller hires a fraud and bribery expert. / In TV statement, Gorka makes himself into a potential “fact witness.”  (Seriously, these people don’t know how to not talk; and the more they talk, the better for the investigation.) 8-3 Mueller impanels a grand jury. / And away we go, subpoenas and all (this is gonna make a great movie).  8-4 Note well: “. . .this was literally Manafort’s world.” / Here’s a taxing example of keeping it all in the Trompf family (and btw, when the Rs begin their move to cut taxes for the wealthy, how will they side-step the issue of T’s tax returns?). 8-7  It seems the investigation is getting scared snuff for T that focus is turning to how damaging his response might be when he feels cornered.  8-8  What are T and his lawyers up to, with this public disclosure of T’s “private” correspondence to (not nec with) Mueller?  Is it a trap? 8-9 FBI raids Manafort house, making sure evidence is not destroyed.  And 8-10 investigators appear to be building a ladder of witnesses, incl Manafort son-in-law who apparently gave info & docs. / Mueller subpoenas Manafort global banking records. / Josh Marshall:  Is T’s lawyer suggesting T might have reason to worry?  About Manafort? & Manafort switches lawyers. / Jennifer Rubin (WaPo) summarizes the Manafort threat to T. / (& btw T’s light-witted sarcastic thanks to Putin will not boost his rep with the Intel Community.)  [I do think that increasingly people are speaking out about getting rid of T asap; they want him soon to have been an anomaly, not the new normal.] 8-14  What might Mueller find?:  here’s an extensive example of T and the self-dealing, international laundry business.  8-24 Another T official (a Sessions connection) and a proposed meeting with Putin.  8-25 Subpoenas for Manafort pro-Russia Ukraine party PR people and docs.  8-26  Interpretation:  T’s pardon of Arpaio, an authoritarian monster, signals Manafort and Flynn that they are safe (remembering that A is not just some Republican sheriff somewhere, but rather, like Sessions, A was an anti-immigrant, Right-wing celebrity who was invited to be an active campaigner for T).  And here’s how , with this pardon, T sets himself above the law, by negating the judicial system (plus endorsing the idea of concentration camps, as Arpaio had boasted of running.).

[Pages (1) and (12) and (14) of this episode.]

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