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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (12)

July 21, 2017

In the coming constitutional crisis, with dizziness, cramps in the stomach, and pain in the butt, Russiagate and Healthscare might provide the next step in the evolution of political ownership, in which the remnant of sanely conservative Republicans are able to cohere, via anti-Trompf cooperation with Democrats, to create a win-win support of popular causes: lawful regulation of the Trompf Executive, and provision of health care. Let’s hope that the next causes to be advanced (and soon) would be energetic action on climate change, and, as T becomes really desperate, bi-partisan prevention of unconstitutional suppression of civil rights, and/or escalation of military involvement (abroad or at home).

(Sarcasm is not enuff (or snuff, if you prefer to sit corrected); but when it becomes as humorous as the Russian jokes against Soviet oppression, we’ll know that our national mood has taken a decisive turn. Getting there requires a base-line, widely shared, positive vision of a sane and healthy norm to which society can return.)

7-21 Kushner revises to reveal dozens of additional assets. / Sessions talked with Ambassador Kislyak, about campaign-related matters, in April and July 2016.   7-22 T attacks WaPo over its report about Sessions. / Starr-Clinton memo says a sitting president can be indicted. /  But T says everybody agrees that he can pardon himself. / Former top Intelligence chiefs express anger at T’s disparagement of the US Intel Community, such as T’s comparing it to the Nazis.  (So I want to say again, that it is my narratorial position re. this episode in the plot line, that this Russiagate thing is not primarily Rs v. Ds, it’s Hair Trompf v. the bi-partisan and even relatively non-partisan, US Security-Intel-Law Enforcement Establishment.  The Establishment will win.) / Clearly, Hair Trompf is “organizing the White House around defying the rule of law as opposed to running the country.”

7-24 Kushner still in hiding from the public. Here’s Allegra Kirkland at TPM about what we still don’t know about four meetings with Rookies (plus, K’s business contact with a money launderer.) / Trompf looking at replacing AG Sessions.  7-25  T continues to attack Sessions (who, I’m thinking, wants to stay as AG because of what he can accomplish for American racism; and his racism is what most makes him popular with the Trompf base). / Manafort talks privately with Senate Intel Com, and is subpoenaed by Sen Judiciary Com. / Headline says it all: “Trump’s new Justice Department nominee deeply enmeshed with Russian bank linked to the Russia probe.”  Nominated to head the criminal justice division.  Finally a Trompf nominee with experience, and who believes in what he’s responsible for, or guilty of.  /  But now for a heart-warming, or acid indigestion-inducing story:  Only in America (or Russia?):  Two guys who  “have been instrumental in introducing financiers and clients from Russia and the former Soviet bloc to the Trump Organization’s real estate machine” were boyhood friends on Long Island. / Whoa!  And here’s another:  Ivanka and Jared now sharing the same lawyer.  7-26 JM at TPM fills in about those LI guys, collusion, and the history of opportunities for money laundering. / And former Sen. Levin provides docs about Ike Kalveladze and money laundering. / Meanwhile T continues to obstruct justice.  7-26-27  And continues to try to distract from investigation, while playing his base, that trans-gender persons are no longed accepted or allowed for military service.  Blind-sided military leadership says, Whoa, not so.  [Now Hair Trompf is endangering the ability to the Armed Services to fulfill their mission.  I’m adding them to the professionals at the federal level in Law Enforcement, Intel, and National Security, who will take Trump down.]

7-30 Investigation reporting has been almost totally eclipsed by the Republican failure to block health care; so it’s all the more fun to return with House Rs’ move to block their investigative committee by substituting legislation written by alt-right conspiracy nut cakes.  7-31  Repub Nat Com orders staff to save all docs rel. to 2016 election, because investigators might call for them.

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