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Defeating Fascism (American Style) (2)

June 26, 2017

The purpose of Fascist government (AS) is to consolidate wealth, power, and privilege in the hands of a few, to such an extent that their rule cannot be challenged, and they can control and use everyone else for their profit and benefit, or destroy those who are not useful to them.

I’m staring at you, Mitch McConnell, and you, Paul Ryan, as well as the rich folk who keep you in office.

The necessary (but not entirely sufficient) way to defeat those fukkers is to redistribute their wealth among everyone else.

I don’t know if that can be done—short of armed revolt, which I don’t advocate, except as a very last resort, and I don’t know if we’re at that point, or if even that could succeed. We can try taxation, if we can get enough votes to get enough governmental power. If we cannot get enough votes by conventional means, then we must try massive nonviolent resistance, taking a variety of forms that present our vision, demonstrate solidarity, and  disrupt commerce. If we begin to succeed, however, we will have to struggle to keep a system of electoral democracy in place, with which to complete the nonviolent, political revolution.  People will be jailed, beaten, and killed.  (Now, let’s don’t shy back from imagining this; it’s already being done on a smaller scale—see, for example, state-sponsored, state-sanctioned, state-implemented terror against minorities.)

Another dimension of the struggle, which seems already to be taking shape, is an attempt to take control of local and state governments, so that we can at least mitigate the effects of fascist national government on the citizens of those states.  [6-28 And here’s an interesting variation on that theme, bi-partisan resistance by governors.]  But that move also includes the problem of extremely wealthy individual citizens of those states. Many of them use libertarian ideology to mask their self-serving belief that they have intrinsic meaning and transcendent value apart from community and society.

Ultimately, F(AS) must be permanently defeated, if possible, through a healing of our individual and collective imaginations, in the form of profound cultural change. If it is not too late, we must imagine and build a national culture that is not dominated by the psycho-pathologies that have plagued our democracy. The essence of that healthy community, local and national, must be a significant decrease in hierarchical thinking, organization, and governance. We must move to imagine and enact, more perfectly, that egalitarian society that the liberals among our founders made a good start at imagining and describing, and that the best among our leaders and defenders have worked to protect and extend.

In the present novel, some of this imagining is being done by your narrator in the episode about Larks! WA.

6-28  And here’s another angle to think about:  the victims of the psycho-pathologies of our democracy, that form the Republican and Trompf fascii, refuse to continue being victims.  /  And an irony: Republicans who want to govern with their fascii have convinced themselves that government, itself, should be feeble to the point of irrelevance (but of course the Executive branch, the CEO, can appoint a pro-business cabinet and pro-business judges, who will wield power, unchecked even by their own people. / Another perspective:  how Canada countered right-wing populism.

[Page (1) of this episode.]

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