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A Fascist America (6)

June 21, 2017

This page is a flat-out attack on Republicans in and about the GA-06. They can suppress the Democratic vote by bleaching the rolls; but they can’t suppress my anger, and in this novel they can’t hide behind their rocks of self-interest and self-righteousness.

Earth is in a world of trouble, thanks to Hair Trompf and the policies of the national Republicans. The Republican voters of GA-06 had a chance to recognize and repudiate those fukkers; but they chose to vote for a mean-spirited, misogynist racist, against a moderate Democrat, because they believe that the best way to defend their own wealth and sense of racial superiority—their sense of entitlement, and the privilege that comes with those—is to keep the Republican party in power.

This was a simple, get-out-and-vote election. That’s what was special about it. Would the voters of this congressional district replace an R with another R or a D. Would the core R voters come out, in large enough numbers, to defend the status-quo? As I’ve said on other pages, the “core” R voters, the R base, are persons who will vote R regardless of the candidate, because they, like their party, are authoritarian, misogynist, racist, fundamentalist, and wealthy. In the GA-06, especially, wealthy and “white” are what it’s all about.

So about that “bleaching”—the molding of the electorate to be the mythical standard, correct, American electorate: exclusively white, and property owners; then let “the electorate” determine policy and law—this R candidate, as Secretary of State, used the infamous Kobach R, voter-roll “cross-check” procedure (based on highly common names within culture groups), across state lines, to purge tens of thousands of GA-06 black and Korean voters from the rolls, denying them the opportunity to vote. Those persons would have voted, in large majority, for the Democrat, believing that the Ds are most likely to represent their egalitarian interests. Had they been able to vote in the first round, the D would have been elected to fill this congressional seat, right then.

But while the D could not prevail in the first round, he put the fear of god into the Republicans, and the Party sent out the call, in the forms of direct appeals from Hair T to defend his honor, and a small fortune in advertising, much of it mean-spirited and dishonest, financed by a few persons with large fortunes. Privilege was under attack. The R core heard the call and responded in force.

But really, what can we expect?

[Update later same day:  Excellent, positive thoughts by a conservative writer.]

[Pages (1) and (5) of this episode. (Previous page:  “This blog is a novel.”]

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