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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (7)

June 15, 2017

Is this the end, my friend? Or at least, has the worm turned? It is now public knowledge that Trompf is being investigated for both obstruction of justice and money laundering. (And etc.?  Never one to diminish his brand, T himself calls his case the biggest in history.) At this point, can Republican congresspeople continue to take the risk of staying with T?  And will his “favorably” score stay above 30?

The nation’s top, career law enforcement officers, in charge of these investigations, are proud, savvy (to use a French term in honor of Mélenchon and the French electorate), and well connected. They would not even begin such investigations unless they smelled acrid smoke, and there were powerful persons behind the scenes who approved of looking for the fires. They are now in the “three-pronged” process of methodically making sure that they find all of the fires and that they can provide sufficient water to put them out.

However seriously one might distrust (and sometimes abhor) the FBI for abuses under, for instance, Hoover, and the intelligence agencies for abuses under, for instance, my man Dick Cheney (so good to type his name again), the members of these “communities” have long memories, and see themselves as prime defenders of our national security and sovereignty—even of our democracy. Their old nemesis, Russia, is attacking us and our allies, and Trompf has egged it on.

Trompf has repeatedly dissed the American intelligence community, threatened them, damaged their efforts, and served his personal interests before theirs. They will take him down; and they will do it in a professional, nonviolent, just, and even democratic manner.

(An interesting example, btw, of how the “establishment” or “deep state,” with sufficiently democratic elites, can sometimes work in support of our democracy and our democratic institutions.  The imaginations of the persons in the intelligence community must be among our most pathological; but at least they can sometimes move to our favor, towards a more healthy collective imagination of ourselves.)

[Later:]  Analysis of the WaPo article, and more (and yep, this is how a cookie crumbles, or an avalanche starts).  Oh yes, a hot day for a fascist regime trying to hold onto power in a democracy: Trompf (Sen Thune, R-SD says it’s not a “witch hunt,” T can’t help but go tweeters, Senate Judiciary Committee will investigate) / Kushner (SP is investigating business activity) / Pence (lawyers up) / Sessions (contacts).  Members of transition team have been ordered not to destroy docs.

6-16  Putchrself in the Special Counsel’s chair, as he sits, day after day, listening to responses to his questions, from this list of potential witnesses for the prosecution. And there are more, and that’s only about one subject of the investigation. Like Comey with his memos, you are gathering material for a narrative: factual, political, historical, contemporaneous, imaginative.  /  Josh Marshall at TPM tells why it seems possible that T will fire both Mueller and Rosenstein, and imagines what the situation will be if he does (isn’t it interesting, in itself, that given our experience of T it is reasonable to think ahead and prepare ourselves for such an eventuality).

A Trompf lawyer, Michael Cohen, lawyers up.  Some added investigates:  a Manafort ally; T’s director of digitalics;

6-17  Tonight I want to predict, on the record, that tomorrow, Father’s Day, Le Trompf will fire Deputy AG Rosenstein. I’m thinking that he has already made his decision to do so. (At the least, he will tweet that R must recuse himself from anything having to do with the Mueller investigation and especially Russia.) (Btw, why is T obsessed with the question of contacts with the Russians, when he insists there weren’t any, and especially no contacts by T with prostitutes when he was in Russia—for some reason that dossier item really bugs him?) Actually, as I type this, T is at Camp David for the holiday, with Melania and son, Baron, where it is very early Sunday morning. The President’s night has just begun to stew.

In spite of his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband (and btw, people simply tend to make mistakes, especially in their choice of mates; young women and men choose someone who appears to be likely to produce a healthy new member of the species, and the major perceptual feature of health is beauty), the fact that Rosenstein is a Jew cannot sit well with Le Trompf, a supporter of Le Pen and her neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, green French frog party. Today he will show Baron and the world what it is to be strong and pure.

What would make me think that he will do something so potentially disastrous as this?   Well, we can count on it that in addition to T’s personality disorders, his mind is seriously unbalanced. He is enraged over this threat to his authority. But perhaps most important: Le Trompf is an over-aged Imp. If he sees an opportunity to create mischief, or even better, to do outrageous damage by asserting his ego, he cannot resist.

Furthermore, to the extent that he thinks in any abstract patterns of life outside and beyond himself, he is firmly opposed to government as we have known it in America in recent centuries, and as many of us (now embodied in Rosenstein and Mueller) are trying to practice it. He does not believe in democracy. Nor do his White Folks’ House advisors such as Bannon, Miller, and Sessions; nor do more than a few members of his cabinet. They favor, and are practicing, oligarchy. They are the dregs of the English and continental aristocracy against which the Revolution of 1775 was fought, and with whom it was necessary to compromise in order to have a nation, with a national, democratic constitution.

They have turned against that constitution (and occasionally that nation) many times, and they are doing so today.

Hair Trompf will dare us, again and again, to stand up for it.

6-18  Curses, foiled again.  Maybe he’ll be satisfied with character assassination, at least for a while.  But onward!  In business news:  NYT on background of Michael Flynn; & on Russian renewal of the T brand.  And btw, a major reminder of what this is all about, and T’s apparent indifference to it.  6-19  More Manafort; More, and more and more Flynn.  An example of when and why it matters that the American President be totally independent of Russia.  6-20  Ominous.  Sen Whitehouse says Flynn is cooperating.  6-22  T suggested to the Dir of the National Security Agency and the Dir of National intelligence that they publicly refute claims that he might have colluded with the Rookies.  Claims Russian hack of DNC was a Dem hoax.

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