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Democracy, Rebellion, Re-Alignment (3)

June 10, 2017

Things didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined (on page (2) of this episode, shortly before the election).  But the struggle for ownership of the major parties continues.  In my own state (WA), the Dem Party is increasingly owned by the people, rather than rich individuals and their corporations, through the Bernie/Progressive wing of the party.  The struggle is expanding nationally, as this article from In Our Times presents it (and this follow-up on MA).  Here’s a sketch-line of recent events.

Meanwhile, potentially there are stirrings of a pragmatic, moderate Republican movement within that party.  In the Koch Bros’ own state, these R’s would also be bucking the Ideological Conservative Elite (ICE).  Lots o’ luck.

[Pages (1) and (2) of this episode.]

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