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Proceeding with Impeachment (3)

June 7, 2017

(1) First he came for the Mexicans [update: and other Central American immigrants], . . then he came for the Muslims, . . . I’m thinking out loud that Hair Trompf simply is The Leader, The Unquestionable, The One. He knows it, and some members of his family and advisors know it. He’s struggling, in this early stage of His Leadership, because of his incompetence, his personality disorders, and a sustained resistance, even from within the government; but he knows how to win. He has no doubt.

So T is the authoritarian that the Republicans were waiting for. I mean voters who vote the R ticket no matter whom they will elect. They vote to empower the party that they believe will serve their main interest, themselves. They are the superior and the deserving of superiority, as evidenced by what it is about them that is overwhelmingly important: their wealth, their fundamentalist Christian faith, and/or their fair skin. They have no doubt.

They will vote, and commit or condone acts that violate the law or subvert the Constitution, in order to assert their social privileges.

They are the major tribes of our fellow citizens who must be disempowered, by removing their champion from the presidency and their party politicians from other governmental offices.

[Update 6-8  Another group of T (and R) voters are, it seems to me, accurately described as provincial.  This essay by a local newspaper editor speaks to that, especially in his list of what his readers are, and are not, concerned about.  It seems to me that their concerns are appropriate and important, but their lack of concern about major national and world issues is seriously limiting to their perspective.]

(2) Then he came for the planet.

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking that we should stop being preoccupied with Trompf, and turn our attention to exposing and defeating the real villains, the Rs. But then T placed his ego ahead of the well being of Earth. His refusal to provide U.S. affirmation of the “Paris Accord” for taking action to mitigate global warming is not just a crime against humanity, it is a High Crime of collusion in the destruction of species.  It’s mass murder.  He assaults life itself. His decision was the worst thing he could do, an act of domination over everything that lives, the Trompfian ego über “all creatures great and small.” So of course he had to do it.

[Update 6-8  A case for this act as an impeachable offense.]

Some now call him the child king. But he lacks all “the king-becoming graces— / As justice, verity, temperance, stableness, / Bounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness, / Devotion, patience, courage, fortitude—” or he corrupts them in the service of corruption.

(3) Scene II. The country near Dunsinane

Caithness: Some say he’s mad. Others, that do lesser hate him, / Do call it valiant fury. But for certain / He cannot buckle his distempered cause / Within the belt of rule.

Angus: . . . Those he commands move only in command, / Nothing of love. Now does he feel his title / Hang loose about him, like a giant’s robe / Upon a dwarfish thief.

Menteith: Who then shall blame / His pestered senses to recoil and start, / When all that is within him does condemn / Itself for being there?

Caithness: Well, march we on, . . .

[Pages (1) and (2) of this episode.]

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