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A Fascist America (5)

May 31, 2017

What would Putin do? Rising authoritarians falsely describe themselves to the public, but accurately announce what they will do if given the chance.   When given the chance, they do some of what they said they would do, testing to see what more they can get away with, then do more of what they said they would do, if given the chance. They make their chances, like kudzu.

Having given Herr Trompf the chance, we’re watching the display of the American style of fascism.   At present we’re seeing what an American fascist does, as he increasingly comes under the pressure of people limiting his chances. His actions have become sufficiently damaging that we may well want to predict what he will do as he is uprooted. How will he act out? We know the models set by the rulers whom he most admires, the men whom he believes are “smart cookies,” because of the strength they have shown by strong-arming their citizens. So we can ask, along with T, what would Putin do, if he were threatened? Duterte? Kim Jung Un?

What would Trump do? We’re also watching the American style of fascism displayed by ordinary depraved individuals. This week’s main exemplar is a man in Portland OR who knifed three men, killing two of them, because they threatened his free speech. He was speaking freely to two young women, one of whom was wearing a hijab in public. The three men, who were nearby passengers on the train, thought that his speech was hurting the young women, so they tried to limit it. Another example is a man who was tearing up a camp site by doing wheelies with his oversized truck, while campers were celebrating a birthday there. When the campers asked him to stop, he shouted racist epithets and ran over two Native American men, killing one. Here is reportage, with links to coverage of these examples and three others.  [Update:  “What’s it going take…?”]

What would the Koch Bros want us to do? Under the growing pressure, Congressional members of the Regime continue to ask, as they make their chances and face their limitations, the one guiding question that is theirs to ask. They can’t ask, “What would the Koch Bros do, because in order to do as the KB do, even a fascist has to have multiple billions to spend on getting his way. (Oh, where is Bill Gates when we need him? Spending billions in support of democracy. Will he go down in history as one of those who could have helped, but who failed to hear humanity’s call? Well that’s okay, it will be better if we deal with the monster by, for, and of ourselves. We don’t need another billionaire.) If you are a rank and file member of the fascist Party, say a Pence, a Mitchell, or a Ryan, you will never, ever, have that kind of lucre. The closest you can come is the price that the KBs are willing to pay for your service to their interests.

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