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Defeating Fascism (American Style)

May 29, 2017

This is a national emergency. We must mobilize the nation to bring us through it with our democracy intact. We are experiencing a crisis of organizing principle, and thus of identity. In that sense this is a struggle for survival. This is not the first time that we have had to deal with a mortal threat. Earlier examples are the Civil War, the Depression, and WW II.

Internal crises of this kind are inevitable, because our Founders, who articulated our guiding moral principles and our organizing structure of governance, included persons with an egalitarian vision, and persons with an aristocratic vision, and they were not able to resolve their differences into a viable compromise. Nor has either side been willing to give up its vision and practice. So far, the idea of an egalitarian democracy has come through, and we have even extended our practical system of egalitarian governance, by enfranchising additional groups of citizens.

But as we have brought egalitarian democracy increasingly into consciousness, we have increased its threat to the autocrats among us. All along, the autocratic, authoritarian vision and practice have shadowed us, in forms that the present narrative identifies as “the psychopathologies of our democracy.” These are perfectly natural human qualities, always present to some extent, that cause illness and must be treated with increased consciousness. At present, Fascism (AS) is a powerful mode that the autocrats have developed for trying to keep us unconscious of the underlying forms of our illness, so that, like an undiagnosed cancer, it can metastasize throughout the democratic body politic. It has the power to kill its host—or, as the metaphor breaks down, to transform its host into a malignant organism.

Fortunately, experience and analysis (including painful psychological lysus, breaking down our collective delusions and denials) have brought these negative aspects of our collective unconsciousness of ourselves into semi-consciousness. We know, for example, that we are self-inflicted with sexism, racism, fundamentalism, calculated violence, and predatory capitalism. Currently, our major pathologies are bundled by the Republican Party into a powerful fascii. But with better practice of egalitarian democracy, we can break it.

In this episode I want to think out loud about stopping F(AS) dead in its tracks.

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