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Proceeding with Impeachment (2)

May 21, 2017

Forget Trompf. By now he’s just a supperation, a running sore on the face of the nation. What you see is what you get, and everybody in the world can see the disfigurement. The ooze is his personality, his family, and his fiends.

But the cancer in our bones is the Republican Party—its owners, politicians, and core voters.

By core voters I mean people whose motivation is hatred of Democrats. They will never vote for a D, no matter who is the R candidate. I completely empathize. When I was 16 I liked Ike. VP Nixon came to my town, and as his ‘50s “motorcade” passed my place on the curb, I actually saw him in person and shouted, “Good luck!” Luckily, by the time I was old enough to vote I had become a Democrat. I have never voted for a Republican, and I never will. I haven’t wished a Republican candidate good luck since 1956, and they’ve gotten steadily worse.

What I dislike most about the R Party is its core voters, The Privileged. They are composed of four groups: the wealthy (who have cornered the market on wealth), the racists (who have cornered the market on hatred), the masculinists (who have cornered the market on fear), and the fundamentalists (who have cornered the market on godly self-righteousness). The markets in which they have invested themselves express and imprison their individual personalities and their Party.  As a Party, they vote to sustain the mythic concepts of intrinsic superiority and deserved privilege of wealth, whiteness, malehood, and Christian purity.  They think of themselves as the real America.

That’s what we’re up against.  There’s no way that I can vote for such people.

They hate Democrats because today’s Democratic Party threatens their privilege.  They vote Republican because today’s Republican Party defends their privilege.

In lump, these self-privileging, core Republicans comprise 30-35% of American adults.  That’s scary.  They are perfecting and institutionalizing minority rule, as their privilege.  Their governance is fascist because their ruling party is owned and operated by mega-wealthy business folk.  When they decide that their position as The Privileged is being jeopardized by Trompf, they will move to replace him.  But the cancer will remain in our bones.

The economy will get worse for everybody who is struggling to keep up, while getting better for the wealthy; prejudice, discrimination, and demonization of the Other will be encouraged, and with them will come violence, and oppression by police; the lives of women will be circumscribed; adequate health care will become rare; America’s contribution to global warming, along with degradation of the environment, will increase; children will be forgotten; education will be further weakened; dissent will be delegitimized, and democracy will be further curtailed.

The Privileged will rule, by divine right.

Trompf or no Trompf, the Republican Party must be thrown out of office.

I wish, dear Reader, that I could offer a less sordid tale.  But sometimes novels are like this.  Meanwhile, thematically, these characters carry forward, into our own time, some major psychopathologies of our democracy.

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