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Proceeding with Impeachment

May 15, 2017

And what rough beast?

Or, “When you’re President they let you do anything.” [5-16  JM sees it that way too.#]  Or, he’s a maniac, maniac, maniac.

Where is Dick Cheney when I need him? [5-17  But there she is, our old friend Liz.]  Have I only Henry Kissinger to remind me of my past Realities? The Republican Party has been morally and intellectually bankrupt all my life. The reascendancy of their national betrayal began when they persuaded Ike to give them cover. Oh, mon général.

If I were making this up, the narrative would go something like this:

The playas make plays that are true to themselves, consistent with character traits that they have established in earlier episodes.

The Satan of this melodrama, Hair Trompf, is not brought down without a mortal struggle. He thrashes, trying to dominate or destroy everyone who threatens him. (Subsidiary characters quickly come and go.) He has been given enormous power, he feels entitled by Nature, and he feeds on chaos. I don’t have the heart, right now, to detail the damage that he does on his way out.

Meanwhile, the princess and her charmed prince pursue and protect their business interests. They are stone cold survivors. The clueless adult sons follow orders and enjoy life. What’s it to them?  Melania protects her son.

Sessions, Miller, Bannon, and the jerks who take orders from them, move to accomplish as much as they can of their evil racist agenda while they still have power. This might be their last chance.

Indeed, many hard-core R voters (roughly a third of voters who show up and are allowed to vote) are anxious about losing a champion of their financial interests and social privileges, and are incensed by the possibility that politicians in their own party will rob them of this opportunity to triumph over the weak, misguided, alien, and impure. [ * ]

Wealthy corporatist Republicans, owners of the Party, plot to increase their power at all levels of government, regardless of how this drama plays out.

Republicans in Congress calculate how much power they will gain or lose when they choose sides. Many conclude that they would be personally safer, and would have more political power, under a Pence regime. Yet, when they begin to see T’s power waning, they feel a chill political draft, as if being unclothed. Those who are up for election in 2018 are encouraged to side with Pence against Trump by promises by the Koch Bros to donate hundreds of millions to their campaigns, along with Pence-Kobach, massive voter suppression.

The Old Guard of the Democratic Party, the Clinton-Obama Establishment, is increasingly exposed as being too weak to influence the struggle against Trompf. Its beast, in the Midwestern jungle, has lept. Its romantic neoliberal character has turned out to be its fate.

What, then, brings the Trompf tower crashing down?

(1) True to his character (greed, hatred, delusion—he’s the anti-buddha) Trompf destroys himself. His anti-democratic actions (much bigger than The Russian Connection, now that he is President) make his position in the presidency untenable, short of a Republican suspension of democracy. That hangs in the balance.

(2) The liberal and Progressive, democratic, majority of the American electorate become so pissed that they insist that T be gone.

(3) Those Democrats in Congress who are not beholden to Big Money ally with newly independent members of the press (established and new), and with the liberal and Progressive intelligentsia, to steadily expose T’s impeachable offenses and to effectively influence the Republicans to believe that their best bet is to grab the Constitution and jump ship.

(4) The Republicans gamble that they can replace T with Pence and maintain their Congressional majorities in 2018. They lose.

Actually, it’s a pretty good story.

But I’m not making this up. This is a nonfiction novel, I don’t know how the plot will end, and here’s a powerful counter-narrative.  In this episode, running concurrently with A Fascist America, and The Shearing of Hair Trompf, we’ll watch and see.


[ * Update:  In view of this poll, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, breaks through the R support for Trompf.  I’m guessing that these partisan voters know, concretely, exactly what they want from T and their party, and they will be greatly disappointed if it is not delivered to them.  E.g. 1 a Wall and increased deportations, 2 war against muslims, 3 return to racial “separate and unequal,” 4 jobs for the white working class, 5 lower taxes, 6 punishment for abortion, 7repudiation of Obama achievements such as affordable health care.  These are what T told them they could hope for, if they elected him.

So if this view by Chris Whipple in WaPo is accurate, whether or not T keeps his job might depend on whether he can be governed.  It may be that the only person who could successfully hold the position of Chief of Staff is Ivanka-Jared.

4  failing as of 5-16

6  expands gag rule]

McC-Ryan are trying to make their dreams come true before their center cannot hold.  Too late.  If they don’t jump, they’re going down with the ship.  The situation has moved from intolerable to insufferable.  If the Rs don’t get T out of the White House soon, they are going to lose the confidence of two-thirds of the American voters.

# A key moment will come when (if) a significant percentage of Ky voters signal that McConnell no longer represents their best interests.  5-20  A check-in.

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