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A Fascist America (2)

May 10, 2017

5-10  With the events of the last 24 hours or so, the actions of this episode and those of the “Shearing” episode are merging.  I find myself wanting to post the same items in the plot line of both.  That’s not surprising.  (I think JM feels it too.  Pressures are compounding.)

So I’m beginning this page (2) with an observation about the narration:

In my telling (I being the narrator here), the first premise of the narration of Hair Trompf’s presidency is that he fantasies that he is an Absolute ruler, who can do no wrong, and who will not tolerate anyone who threatens his power. Or here’s another telling.

The second premise is that for Hair Trompf, the American presidency is a well-deserved position for him, on the world power stage, that bestows extraordinary privilege, and that he should use as a platform from which to acquire even more personal privilege by acquiring more personal wealth, as kings did before him. (And note well: the Clintons and the Obamas fell for the same temptation, thus sapping their own power; the difference is that being sane, they also tried to advance the general well-being. That is very significant, but not huge. We need huge.

Keep in mind that I am a heavily biased, and sometimes questionably reliable, narrator.  For one thing, I’m just back from Paris with a bad rhume.  Ha!  Corrected to “rhyme.”  The Shadow knows.  The author of this tomb feels even worse, though, because a pick pocket team lifted his iPhone (c’est à dire, his photos!).  Curses.  He’s trying not to mope, but I’m staying out of his way.

Okay, sans rime, et merci à Wallace Stevens:  It was Monday, and it was going to be Monday.  Paris to Seattle.

Of course a third premise is that this presidency is simply a catastrophe for the American people.  The entire chorus is beginning to move in the same direction, down the stage, and I don’t know what can turn them around.

The inability of the Republicans to get rid of their jerk displays their hopeless cynicism, the unfathomable depth of their shallowness, and their personal cowardice.

In my opinion.

The Q is, how far will the Republicans go, and how soon, toward ending democracy.  It simply is not compatible with their interests, and they know that.

Stevens said that “the tongue is an eye.”  I’ll add that the eye is a tongue.  We must open wide our mouths.  Speak honestly, so as to see truly.

[Pages (1) and (3) of this episode.]

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