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A Fascist America

April 8, 2017

It has arrived, in the events of the first week of April, 2017.

Can we save ourselves? Now we must fight to replace it with a vision and practice that “promote the general welfare” (and yes, “welfare,” like “well-being,” is a positive word; we must take our language back—for instance, read this wonderful reporting of how “the language of money” operates in governance, especially when feelings feel hurt—and take back the Preamble to our Constitution). I’m thinking we can only do that with “a million points of light.”  Millions of citizen actions, small and large.  Get active.  Stay active.

A fascist Republican Party now controls all branches of the federal government and is moving to control the civil service (e.g. Sturmtrumpen ICE agents), and it controls a majority of state governments.

When the clown trickster, Hair Trompf, was elected, I figured that I could stop speculating about what an American style of fascism would look like, because the President would show us, with a glorified style show. So in this chapter of the episode, “Fascism (American-style)” I’ll play fashion reporter, noting each new look, sometimes with commentary and opinion.

I know, the style is so ugly that it is hard to look at; but if we refuse to see it for what it is, we will not know what is happening to us, and we will adopt it as our own. The fascist owners of the Republican Party (Kochs, Mercers, et al.) will then own us. One aspect of their style is to say to voters, “This would look really good on you.  Try it on.  Look in our mirror and see yourself in greatness.”

We must shatter that mirror.

Oops, show’s on.  They start where it all began:  What’s in a name?  Above all, über alles, over everything else, the brand (because, profit).  The owners.  By any other name, fascism smells the same.  Monopoly of wealth, monopoly of power, monopoly of wealth.  We’re being owned.

(And for a wonderful novelette within this novel, here’s a tale by Josh Marshall, in his TPM, about the Euro-American political life of “disrespect, grievance, and the desire for revenge.” Important to keep in mind that for these characters, the plot is not about morality. Hair Trompf himself declared that morality is irrelevant to business. Because everything is “relative,” so to speak. That means that for Papa Trompf, public life is amoral. He is a corporation; and a corporation, as understood by American fascists, is a person who replaces principle and conscience with fiduciary responsibility to turn a profit, especially for himself.)

4/10  The two wings of the fascist party at the same table at the Winter Palace.  dThe fate of the nation rests in the palms of the (vacationing) Wealth Elite.  Heaven help us.

4/11 Regime message of prejudice and official acts of violence toward The Other.  And on, past OMG into WTFland, and beyond.  With this kind of ignorance, intellectual incompetence, inhumanity, and above all, self-justification at any expense, anything is possible.  Even likely?  Unless we apply the breaks.  Here’s a parallel to Hitler’s Germany.  4-12  Following The Leaders example and exhortation, law enforcement personnel and CEO’s feel free to increase use of force and blame victims.  And.  On another occasion.  4-13 And following the fukking Trump AG’s example (Racist Republicans are running scared and cruel.) Fossil fascists:  analysis:  Trompf administration moves to serve its corporate interests and its nationalist populist appeal by increasing the danger posed by climate change.  And by further subsidizing health insurance corporations (and let’s face it, the only solution to our problems with providing health care is single payer).  And what about the prison industry?  (More than several hundred million people were living together rather peacefully in America.  And now look.)  Big Telecom?

4-15  Greg Sargent at WaPo summarizes the current state of Trompf’s trickery.  But Jay Bookman:  core R voters are not deceived [altho deluded], because for them it’s really about resentment [and self-vindication?].  CNN’s Laura Jarrett highlights the Jeff Sessions contribution.  Sean McElwee on the influence of racism upon elections and policy approval.  Josh Marshall on the kleptocratic style of government that Trompf contributes to Republican fascism.

4-21  We’ve seen how Republicans have used lying, “alt-facts,” and the labelling of all news that is critical of them “fake news,” so that people will turn to them as the only reliable source accurate reporting, to confuse the issue of whether there can be an objective truth, objectively discovered, and a consensus of what is true.  For several years they have also adopted the tactic of using the words that designate immoral acts and actors, to label moral acts and actors.  A major example has been their labeling someone “racist” who uses the word “racism” or “racist” to criticize the actions of Republicans.  Here are two examples of extensions that tactic, further confusing language and basic principles of America’s consensus morality:  police claim that burning a Trump sign is illegal as a “hate crime;” and Trump says protestors at his rallies violate his First Amendment right to “free speech” if they are loudly critical while he is speaking.  The general principle is that criticism of Trump or Republicans is immoral and unconstitutional.

And let’s be honest with ourselves.  What ICE agents are doing and what Hair Trompf is doing by building toward his “deportation force” are acts of state-sponsored terrorism.  Their purpose is to politically and socially paralyze a population by instilling extreme fear.

4-22  In order to make gov more usable by business, regulations that were put in place by the previous, non-fascist administration must be eliminated.  [4-23 to 5-8 Andalusia and Paris.  Macron defeats Le Pen 2-1.]  5-9  Kushners cash in, in China.  Major conservative media getting stronger.  5-10  Republicans underfund 2020 census effort.

President fires Director of FBI who might act independently in a way that threatens the interests of the President.  Meets with Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, the next day.  Photos.  Then meets with Kissinger, the American politician most admired by Putin, for his practice of Realpolitik.  And on the next day, Lavrov will fly to the Arctic for a meeting with U. S. oil baron and SoS, Tillerson.

[O my.  Time for a Page (2) of this episode.  And now (3)]


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