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How Fascism Came to America (6)

April 4, 2017

I’ll begin a new page with this NYer article on the wealth of members of T’s administration, that is also a lesson in why it is best not to mix business people with government, unless you want a kleptocracy:  either people are corrupt or they are ethical and therefore cannot effectively serve because of conflicts of interest that require recusal.

In that context we can note how often T advertises his various properties, which feature his name and generate present and future income for him, by spending time at them.  And the extent to which he has turned the White House into an office building, while making it clear that his real seats of power are the Winter Palace and his eponymous tower.  And T is making his son-in-law (whom I’ll call Prince Jared) into an increasingly important character in the plot line, as a politico-business ambassador.

4-4  U.S. Attorney general moves to weaken local governmental authority over law enforcement.  (Meanwhile, Trumpite federal agents take it upon themselves to terrorize foreigners:  example, and another.  And they’re successful.)

4-5  As reported in DailyKos:  “A cloture vote will still happen on Thursday, when Democrats will have the votes to block it going forward. At that point, Mitch McConnell will have the votes to end their filibuster, change the rules and go nuclear. Republicans will then successfully steal this Supreme Court seat. The Republican Senate changed the rules of confirmation drastically by refusing even to consider Judge Merrick Garland’s nomination and against the odds it’s paid off for them,  [Sen. Jeff] Merkley [D-OR] said in his 13th hour [of “talking filibuster”].  It’s interesting because we talk about the nuclear option of changing the rules, but in a very de facto manner, the nuclear option went off the day the majority leader came to the floor and said we’re going to conduct ourselves in a totally different way than the Senate’s ever conducted itself. Unlike every other time in U.S. history when there was a vacancy during an election year and the Senate acted, we’re not going to act. We’re going to essentially engage in stonewalling the president’s nominee, no hearing, no discussion. That was a nuclear option.

For Trompf, fascism American-style is a family affair, so I’ll include these comments by son, Eric, on nepotism.

4-6  In an historic first, Sen. McConnell (R-KY) and his R legion complete their naked power move to steal the Supreme Court for fascism, and, they hope, ultimately to achieve a permanent fascist domination of the American judiciary.  They can then use the SCrt to ensure the end of effective D opposition, by affirming the legality of voter suppression, making it unlikely that Americans can elect a D president, and negating the power of any D who somehow gets elected.  Marshall on this “corrupt transaction.”  Here’s the war machine that built McC’s success.  (And will Rs also nuke the “legislative filibuster?)  4-7 Trump appointee wants to move internet toward complete commercialization and domination by monopolies, but pretends he doesn’t.  4-8  T considering making Big Money (now CFO) his Chief of Staff.   T and Congressional Republicans, illegally, but with little resistance by Dems, consolidate War Powers in the Presidency.

Voters like to feel good, and a lot of voters feel good when they feel that, through the con they voted for, they have exerted military power, especially in retaliation for something like the psychopathic Assad’s use of a chemical weapon to murder children; meanwhile, with other bombing, the con they voted for is increasing the pressure on civilians to flee Syria, at the same time that he rejects refugees, on the basis of their terroristic religion.  With both actions, he consolidates his power.

Well, with the events of these last couple of days, I’m thinking that it’s time to end this chronicle of how fascism came to America—but I will go back and add a page (4)—and get on to how our American fascist government is operating today.

[Pages (1) and (5) of this chapter.  Index to pages in the episode, “Fascism American-style.”]

[Here’s something that I find very healthy, especially in these times of turmoil and threat-stress.  You might try it.  Spend 50 minutes or an hour just sitting (I like to close my eyes, because they can always use a break), “meditatively,” attending to your breathing and sending your breath to many parts of your body.  You’ll figure out how long for each part.  For me of course my eyes get a fair amount of breathing, but for example yesterday evening I had good effects with my feet, intestines, and brain.  (If you haven’t done much of this kind of thing, you might wonder if I’m blaguing.  Nope.)  And the nice thing for the brain is that it catches on to the fact that it doesn’t have to be attending to each and every threat all the time.  When you think of one (or even when you think of a good thing, other than breathing, which is hard to beat for natural value), just say “good bye” to that, or at least “good bye for now.”  As the brain catches on, it appreciates it.  Give breath a chance.  Give brain some peace.]

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