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The Shearing of Hair Trompf (2)

April 2, 2017

On March 2, you remember, I staked the remains of my narratorial reputation on the proposition that Russiagate has the potential to bring down a president. To my surprise and delight, the next 30 days of plotline has filled a page, and I begin the second page of this episode more confident than ever. As the young, but quickly learning Hamlet knew—and as skilled politicians know today, “ripeness is all.”

Inevitability will out. From the point of view of a Watergate mystery plot, characters are filling the necessary roles, both Congressional investigative committees are proceeding on cue, and the action and characters are being governed inexorably by a hidden reality. I don’t see a Hamlet (maybe a failure of my imagination); but then, this is no tragedy, unless American democracy is the protagonist.

If I were making this up, in due time it would be discovered that global criminal entrepreneurs, especially Russians, have been operating their businesses, including money laundering, in apartmental offices in Trompf Tower. The landlord has, at the least, known about it.

At the bottom of page (1), the intemperate Irishman, Flynn, finding himself in well over his head, was calling for a life ring, but no one was foolish enough to throw him one. At least not yet. The Nunes night caper raised the clownish specter of the White House spying on an FBI that has been spying in the Tower (or a more sophisticated analysis).

Here’s that WaPo timeline of “what we know so far about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests.”

And from All Fool’s Day: Information on Russian attempts to influence elections in Europe and North America.  And a psycho-profile of Putin.

Now, this game is politics, even if its goal is the same as in Monopoly. Does anybody think that the playa and character, King Tillerson, our Trompfite SoS, is a match for Putin? Whether the father who named him tilled the soil or guided a ship, the son has made his fortune as an autocratic oil boss. He was ready to retire into his billions. Does he have it in him to serve our nation?

Does anybody think that our Trompfite President is a match for P? If I were making this up, I’d have to decide whether the new character, Fiona Hill (the President’s new “senior director for Russia and Europe,” and co-author of that psycho-profile), knowing that P is a master of political blackmail, knows that the President is vulnerable.  She quotes P as admiring Kissinger, the perpetrator of war crimes against humanity, because K played Realpolitik, echt deutch (Eliot, “Waste Land”).  Who, in today’s gov, is willing (eager?) to commit those crimes?

4-3  “Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel” (WaPo).  That’s Betsy DeVos’s brother, Erik (with a k) Prince.  (And about that 4-19.) This info, important in itself, is relevant here if T must have a large supply of ready money, for some reason.  A Trompfer passed docs to Rooskies in 2013.  And an example of the Republican-Russian mobster connection.  4-5  Two Dem members of House Intelligence Committee express likelihood of somebody ending up in jail.  Interest in Carter Page.  4-6 Nunes “temporarily” recuses himself from the investigation.  4-11  Another investigative agency enters the fray.  And news that FBI investigated Carter Page for possible contacts with Russian agents.  Analysis.  Extensive Graphic of Everybody Trump, What and When, so far.  4-12  Manafort was secretly paid by pro-Russians.  Brits noticed Trump Team-Roosky links as early as 2015.  4-13  Russo-Trump money laundering?  4-15  Right out in plain sight.  4-17  What about Russian loans to T?  4-18  Republican chair of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will not seek re-election.  [4-23 to 5-8 narrator in Andalusia and Paris with author and some of family.]  5-9 Former (fired by Trompf) acting U. S. attorney general, Yates, testifies regarding Flynn, White House, Russia.  Another analysis (including the problem of Fake Tweets, e.g. the Trump Tweeter Fake News channel.)  And btw re. being outside normal. . . .

And now, quickly, onward.

[Pages (1) and (3) and (4) of this episode.]

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