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Beyond Fascism

March 30, 2017

I’m thinking that what is happening to us is bigger than fascism, just as Nazism was bigger. Look at this paragraph from the historian, Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny (a wonderful manifesto and guide for the Resistance, available at your local bookseller, or she or he can order a copy for you—I’m giving it to family and friends):

Adolf Hitler had no special animus toward Britain or its empire, and indeed imagined a division of the world into spheres of interests.

It seems quaint that Hitler thought that the world could be cooperatively divided into national spheres, empires. Today’s Trumpian vision of business (forget Bannon’s wraithlike pettiness and the “America first” propaganda, and even Russo-American entente) is of a world cooperatively divided into spheres of money, among oligarchs, using governments and international populations as tools for their accumulation of wealth.

Repeat for emphasis: This is not nations dividing the world into profitable spheres of interest, this is rich folks—the world’s wealthiest, most powerful 1%—dividing the world amongst themselves, to operate it for their profit.

This financial vision is shared by Putin and his Russian oligarchs. I’m guessing it is shared by oligarchs everywhere. These are the global criminal “families,” who are saying to each other, “This thing, this globe, is our thing.”

Hair Trompf and his fiends are showing us what the “American style” of fascism can be, and it includes a megalomaniacal egolomania beyond nationalism. I’m thinking that to Trompf, the American people are potentially all that the German people were for Hitler, and more.  To the oligarchs, we are what the Russian people were for Stalin.  Miniscule but useful, until we are in the way.

Lesson 21: Practice your breathing. Then return to Snyder’s historical lessons 1 thru 20.

And look, if I can imagine it, anybody can. The question is, Who can do this evil thing?

We must reach beyond resistance, to a “political revolution.”

If we fail, and the pain becomes unbearable, well, opioids are the opium of the people.

[Index page for the episode, “Fascism (American-style)”]

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