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How Fascism Came to America (5)

March 24, 2017

I want to return to this episode with this interview with the historian, Timothy Snyder, in relation to his new book on the possibility of an American dictatorship.  [The book, On Tyranny, is a terrific manifesto and guided to resistance!  I places our situation within the context of the rise of European dictatorships (Right and Left) in the 20th century, to explain what we must do, and why].

We don’t have a dictatorship yet, but the personnel are in place, including the KBI and the Trompfiosi. As they continue their combat for ownership of the R Party, lots of people (especially Jane Mayer) have suddenly caught on to another set of playas, the Merciless Mercers, Robert and sa fille, Rebecca. They make wonderful additions to our cast of characters. In my portrayal, at least in introducing them into the plot, I’m seeing Robert as a brilliant computational language billionaire, who is possibly a high-functioning autistic, surely a sociopath, and definitely a libertarian beyond Libertarianism. He’s way out. He doesn’t talk, but he despises government and has decided to use his billions to nullify it. Rebecca, on the other hand, loves to talk, loves politics as an exercise of power, and uses the MM billions for self-aggrandizement.


When I began this episode, in March ’16, I said that I would narrate as if Fascism (American Style) was already a fact, because that would make the reading more fun, although I thought that, while it was a real possibility, it would take perhaps years to arrive. Trump had become a character in August ’15, but I kept thinking of F(AS) mainly in terms of a triumph of the Koch Bros (NLC) and their Ilk (fascists in “libertarian” clothing—although apparently they actually believe their sociopathic ideology). At the end of page (3), as I headed for an April in Paris, I said that I would return for the next page of this episode in May. What happened? On May 5 I posted “Hillary/Trump v. Reality,” and they were off and running.

I had thought that page (4) would bring the plot through the Reagan-Bushes (including RR’s self-ID as a racist and his theft of the election of ’80, and W’s theft of the election of ’00) to a current threat estimate, on page (5). As it turns out, I’m going to postpone those important years, and move directly to (5), because I believe that F(AS) has actually arrived. (Here’s a reminder of what I mean by that.) The Republican Party (as I’ve thought many times on these pages) has been brewing fascism since the 1920s, and now it is giddy drunk on the stuff. Hail Hair Trompf!

So on this page I’m going to narrate the current plot developments, in abbreviated form, updating as they come along.

I might come back and fill in some anguishing days immediately after the night of shock, when tears flowed in the darkness; but for now I’ll pick up the narrative on 11/21/16, as the pres-elect humiliates the network press execs. On 11/22 he dismisses possible business conflicts of interest. A president cannot have conflicts of interest, because nothing a president does is illegal (remembering W). T will decide whether to prosecute the political opponent whom he said should be jailed. 11/23 T claims mandate when opponent leads by 2+ million votes—Rs are about to achieve the executive dimension of their dream of minority (i.e. aristocratic) rule.  Move to privatize pub schools, buy (real) universities, and persecute/purge professors.  11/26  Concern abt potential gov use of tech.  11/27 T claims illegal voting (i.e. move to delegitimize democracy).  12/3  T a threat of voter suppression (What’s that?) (and T on 12/18).  Undermines civilian control of military.  12-5 Eliminates consensus of truth and democratic reflection on it and of it, and then only authoritarianism remains.  Spread disinformation.  And gerrymander legislative districts so as to guarantee election of your people (i.e. one-party democracy).  12/7  Intimidate the press.  12/7  Militarize gov, and fill gov with business and military.  Set up alternative White House (further delegitimizing gov and traditional patterns of gov).  Further minority rule.  12-10 Throw entire election into question and disreput(in)e, and another, and continue to lie about it  12/13  Estab a fascist foreign policy (say what?).  And move to globalize fascist gov.    12/17 T affirms violent supporters.  Puts a hedge fund exec high in his administration, while he makes money on hedge funds, and encourages people not to vote.  12/19  As more people think about poss. fascist American gov, they look to see how such a thing happened in Europe (for example).  T will keep his private guard.  Appoints Big Businessman, with ties to fossil fuels and Russia, Sec of State.  12/20  National Security Advisor has met with Nazis.  12/28  T invents gov position for top corporate lawyer.

1/5/17 Expands powers of harrassment and intimidation of private citizens.  1/8  Rushes to put cabinet in place faster than they can be vetted for ethics problems.  Creates so much activity that opposition cannot critique and public can’t be informed.  By taking multiple steps outside “normal,” i.e, our established democratic way, incl tradition, T delegitimizes everything but himself, as the new normal, so that our adaptation to his way is how we “fall in line”with it (see 12/19):  fires inauguration announcer, ambassadors, and head of atomic weapons arsenal.  1/11 Holds abnormal press conference.  1/11 Excuses self from meeting normal ethics standards, stepping outside of presidential ethical norms, such as the Constitution.  Constructs a “stunt” that links government and his business.  1/12  Attracts European fascist to his Tower.  1/20  T declares himself  (our governing “solution”) to be the only one who matters.

[Oh my—I’ll leap to almost today, and fill in soon.]

3/5/17 Emerging example of the power of right-wing billionaires on the T administration (here and here and here).   3/7 In cahoots with R propaganda apparatus, T weaves bizarre world of lies to discredit his opposition.  T charges his predecessor with having committed and felony and impeachable high crime.  (An opinion abt that.)    3/12/17 Overt nationalist  racism or racist nationalism.  Purge of State Dept senior staff. 3/16 T admits health plan is intended to enrich business investors.  An advisor appears to have ties to Nazi org in Hungary (and see below). And top advisor (after family) Bannon admires French anti-Semite and collaborator with Nazis. 3/18 Rs will remake/pack the national judiciary. 3/19 T political appointees will monitor gov agencies for Big Bro. And the FBI is investigating ties btwn T operatives and the Rooskies [and see Impeachment episode]. 3/21  A president whose name will live in infamy (in my opinion: for example).  3/27  President puts his son-in-law in position of wide-ranging authority over government.  3/29 And gives his First Daughter an “unprecedented role” in governance.

4/3 (from 2/1) Qs to ask in the future, to judge whether the Conservative Supreme Court is willing to check Trompf’s authoritarian rule.

[More to come, I’ll bet. How thick can a plot thicken?  How sick can the imagination sicken?

Remember to practice your breathing, and remember that this is a novel.]

[Pages (1) and (6) of this episode.  Index to pages in “Fascism American-style.”]

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