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The Shearing of Hair Trompf

March 2, 2017

Dear Reader, coming to a theatre near you, your next president, Mike Pence, brought to you by Republican Coup.

I’m staking what is left of my narratorial reputation on this one proposition: “Russiagate” (or whatever they end up calling it) has the potential to bring Hair Trompf down. It “has all the marks,” as Huck would say, of an unsurvivable Presidential scandal. It might take some time to gather, as with Nixon, or it might snowball [I’m beginning to think that these things can move faster now than in the 1970s, plus this is our second go-round]; but it will out; and then an overwhelming number of voters and politicians, not only on the left but in the center and even some on the near right (self-preservation), will declare the stench intolerable.

Here is a Must Read article, from Nov 25, with the basics of what happened and what’s at stake.

I don’t see anything that can save T when the wave breaks, except a very scary “war with Islam” (or somebody)—which I believe is in the cards that Bannon hides in his sleeve. Thus a big boost in the “defense” budget (nuclear spelled backwards is unclear). Will we be depending on generals to buck the defense industry and, along with people such as “Old Hands” from the House of Bush-Saud, and even the Koch Bros (NLC), if it threatens their Xtraction business, to disallow it? Oh my. Even if they are so inclined, they will need the backing of millions of citizens shouting “Hell No!”

I think everybody in Congress can see this scandal coming. They can taste it. And so can reporters. There are droplets of blood in the water.

And notice how well Pence, Graham, and McCain are positioning themselves for their roles. Pence is maintaining his reputation (among those who want to believe in Him) for cool honesty, at least in comparison with T’s well-known corruption and riotous con-fabulation. Graham is building his image as a Virgilian guide through hell. McCain is speaking out for democratic institutions such as a free press, while not publically condemning T.

So if it turns out that I’m onto something, this forms a major twisting of the plot, equaled only by T’s tax returns, with which it is interwoven like the fibers of a hangman’s rope. I see T slowly turning at its end.

The Trompflodite vision of a New Axis Order, a Russo-American plutocratic mob alliance, dominated by Hair Trompf and his Brand of Fools, that smashes the postwar order and divides the spoils, is a sick imagination of civilization.   Even the Russians are recognizing what an unstable game of Fantasy Trompf wants to suck them into.

The fulcrum of this Russo-US teeter totter, as I see it, is the shared interest of Putin/Russian plutocrats and Trump/US plutocrats, in the Xtraction of Russian natural resources, especially oil and gas. In addition, P deeply laments Russia’s come-down from the glory years of the USSR, but he needs a stronger Russian economy in order to restore Russian hegemony in Europe. T wants to become fabulously wealthy and rule the world. But they must hurry, like the Kochs with their tar baby, to beat the collapse of value in the fossil market.

Meanwhile, bit players just want to become plutocrats. Flirtatiously, P/T quickly moved their relationship from entente to détente. That move was pandered early by Manafort, and recently by Flynn, Tillerson, and other T agents (people are looking to see who these might be—see below), with such likelihood of illegality that it has brought to mind the classic Watergate Qs: What did the Pres know, and when did he know it?  I can hear T now:  “I am not a crook,” and “reporters won’t have Trump to kick around anymore.”

This simply must be in the novel. But I don’t want to do page after page of commentary on its daily developments; so I’m going to use updates of the present page to efficiently chronicle the action, as narrated in the fakiest of news by “the enemies of the people.”

But first: so you can’t say I didn’t warn you, a counter-argument (at least for this moment), by a scholar whom I have often found to be very knowledgeable and insightful, who explains that my narrative is McCarthy-ite hysteria.

On the other hand, this New Yorker mag article, “Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War,” doesn’t seem hysterical, including: “After viewing the classified materials, Mark Warner, of Virginia, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said of the Russia investigation, ‘This may very well be the most important thing I do in my public life’.”

Here’s a comparison with Watergate and Iran Contra.

So now, the developing plot, reading down from the earliest (most recent at bottom of page).

We can start all the way back in March 2016 (and FBI interest might go back much farther); and then things started to fall together in July (narrative by Josh Marshall in TPM).

2-20 Bit playas? Cohen, Artemenko, Sater (T’s personal lawyer).  Josh Marshall at TPM is pursuing this line of investigation, with interesting potential: here then here then here then here then here then here.  Following the money.  Much more on Sater, Russian and Ukrainian connections, and Trump.

[3-3  An attempt to logically understand Trump/Russia by beginning with a Steel Man explanation (assume T is innocent, and see if things fit from there).]

2-22 Sen Collins (R-ME) will request that Flynn testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee.  2-23 Some Rs move to quash the potential.  And there is R general cooperation to bury the Russia connections?  But what about this possible blackmailing of Manafort?  2-24 Admin asked FBI Director to quash reports of Trump campaign staff being in contact with Russian intelligence agents.  2-25 After FBI refuses to cooperate, WH enlists other officials. Part of cover-up effort?  Rep Issa (R-CA) calls for special prosecutor.  2-28 T continues to try to control the narrative.  Sen. Nunes (R Chair of House Intelligence Committee) joins T in stalling and misdirecting. (3-2 tries to intimidate investigative reporters.)

3-1 Lawfare article: “The Need for a Select Committee on the Russia Connection.”  AG Sessions talked twice with Russian diplomat, but lied under oath, to Senate, about it. Coverage and coverage and coverage.  Columnist: Republicans must call for a special investigation.  3-2 Follow the (laundered) money, and new characters such as Wilbur Ross.  This article on the Ryan diversionary tactic includes info on involvement by many playas. More undisclosed meetings. A noted conservative weighs in. So does Dan Rather. Argument that Sessions will have to resign.  “Top Republicans call on Sessions to recuse himself from Russia investigation.”   Sessions recuses himself. [Shears, anyone?] [But note! This is not about Sessions, altho Rs might try to make it be, to protect T.  Like Nixon’s men, S is only an enabler.]  3-3 Introducing Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to the U S, WaPo and Guardian.  3-4 Trump tweets (accusing Obama of wiretapping) seem to confirm that somebody was wiretapping, which might suggest that FBI had reason to do so.  3-5 Here’s an enormous amount of info on Trump-Russia contacts, and the problem of “cover-up.”  3-6 We might get “the ‘perfect’ person to oversee” the Trump-Russia investigation.

3-7 Back to Nixon! Budowsky points up the parallels, and I want to emphasize his point that persons in the administration who are involved in a cover-up are risking jail time. At what point does someone cut that risk?  T greeted Russian ambassador in VIP room, with Sessions also present, before major foreign policy speech (Apr 27), including positive attitude towards Russia, which ambassador attended. T has claimed that neither he nor his campaign personnel had any contacts with russians before he took office. (And Lewandowski officially approved the Page trip to Russia in July.)  3-9 Trump advisor, Roger Stone, was in touch with Russian hacker before election.  3-12 What is Putin thinking? And: What’s in it for Russia?  3-14 Comprehensive chronology of Trump connections with Russia; and Republican Conservatives push for investigation.  3-20 Congressional hearing. Comey: FBI is investigating Russian involvement in election, incl investigating ties btwn T operatives and Russians. Rep Schiff (D-CA) lists what we know so far. Why we need an independent investigation. Today was big: What’s gonna come out when these people testify, under oath, about these matters?! Josh Marshall pulls it all together.

3-24 Time to follow the Russian money.  3-22 More need for a Special Prosecutor. Plus: Manafort worked for an R oligarch. But, what Manafort has said about his Russia connections. And So what?  3-21 FBI wiretapped Trump Tower because of Russian mobsters. A needy businessman explanation. Also Bannon’s Breitbart / Russian operatives.  3-26 Expert analysis of how Russian influence works.  More on Nunes working with T instead of being impartial.  And here.

3-27  Senate Intel Com wants to talk with Kushner.  E.g. K & Russian bankstas.  And this odd behavior by Nunes (as in Watergate, the strain begins to get to people).  And.  And the call for him recuse himself.  Meanwhile, President’s son-in-law met with sanctioned Russian bankers, during campaign; will testify before Senate committee.  3-28  Yates prevented from testifying:  called to testify at Nunes committee; White House doesn’t want her to; Nunes cancels meeting.  Timeline.  Commentary.  {Narration:  If there’s there there, odds are we’ll somehow get there from here.  Pattern still intact.]  3-29  Money laundering, Cyprus bank, Manafort.  And again, follow the Russian money.  [Here we go.  This will include money laundering through rented units in Trompf Tower. Just wait.]  Meanwhile Nunes says he’ll never ever reveal his sources on the grounds of the White House, and stalls by saying Dems aren’t interested anyway.  Nunes blocks potentially revealing testimony.  N & WH be lying liars.  3-30  And more reason to suspect so.

Now, this could be a genuine thickening of the plot.  3-31  And is the there there that the WH is spying on the FBI?

Here’s a terrific timeline of “what we know so far about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests” (WaPo).  Journalists are not going to let go of this, and neither are politicians.  It would be like a grizzly letting go of a chunk of meat.

[Again, so reminiscent of Wgate:  the way things fall together like a well-made play.  Here’s TPM on that phenomenon.  And here.  It will all play out.]

And now the SENATE investigative committee gets down to it, seriously.  And here.  (And Russian prostitutes?  I’m mentioning this character in case he later turns out to be more than a bit Byelorussian playa.)

4-1 Information on Russian attempts to influence elections in Europe and North America.  And a psycho-profile of Putin.

[Pages (2) and (3) and (4) of this episode.]

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