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Hair Trumpf Is Toast (2)

February 28, 2017

How can I think Trump is une pièce du pain grillé (among other things)? Setting aside naïveté, an inherited, blind hormonal tendency to optimism, and the fact of my having been a white male American for so long—and what a combination that is, I have these 3 reasons:

(1) Donald Trump’s character is just Wrong. He’s one sick high school dude. Outside his clique, everybody can see that.

(2) At the same time, as an historical character, he’s just Right, because his acting out expresses so many of our strange, Ellisonian, contra-dictions of the underworld. As in a psychic gold rush or land grab, he is staking out a chthonic empire, and populating it with fiends and lesser demons, like the feverish Bannon and the coldly satanic Pence.

As we become more conscious (aided, for instance, by a press that insists upon its freedom), we will bring this dark kingdom of our national psyche, our greedy and fearful imagination, into the light. By doing so, we will convert its fossilized energies into renewables.

Hair Trompf in his inner circle of Hell, and the Republican Party who circle around him, are trying to pull off the ultimate victory in the counter revolution that the Rs have been waging since the end of The War. They want to reverse everything that the Dems have put in place since 1933, especially the reforms achieved by FDR, LBJ, and Black Obama.

(3) But that means that they are trying to take things away from us.

Americans are an acquisitive people. When they’ve got something, they don’t like it if you try to take it away. We saw that, in protest signs that read, “Get your government hands off my Social Security.”

That’s why a weak economy is bad for our civil society. When people are losing jobs, incomes, and opportunity, a Con can say to them, “You are in trouble because those Others are taking things away from you. I’ll get them back and your life will be great again.”

Since 1969 the Republicans (sometimes aided by Dems) have gotten very good at sneakily taking things away from the 99% and giving them to the 1% or fewer. They have stolen wealth (especially from the middle class, who are the main checks on the upper class) and economic security and opportunity, but also rights and powers, such as our collective power to govern ourselves and to use government as a means of improving our lives, including regulation of industries that destroy the environment, and such as our personal power to make choices within our private lives.

Few people have yet come to understand the full effects of the shift of wealth ownership. They are experiencing its effects, but they haven’t caught on to the way they are being manipulated and bled by the filthy rich.

But a growing majority of us see how our quality of life is being degraded under Republican rule. Young people see the theft of their efforts and opportunities. Women see the threat to gains they have achieved for full recognition of their humanity, including control of their personal lives, and equal participation in society. Muslims see invalidation of their faith and beliefs. Jews see violent anti-Semitism. People with untraditional gender or sexuality see increased denial of their self-understanding, in harassment and discrimination amounting to ostracism and forced return to invisibility. African-Americans see continuing, and growing, bondage. Immigrants see the threat to their safety and opportunity for a better life. Journalists see negation of their professional skill, dedication, and mission. Environmentalists see the coming Kochtastrophe. Iowans see a loss of their agricultural exports. The tourism industry is seeing a “Trump Slump” (but this LA gestapo illustration isn’t funny!).

The honest and the compassionate are being robbed of truth and love. The peaceful are being violently attacked, and the humane are witnessing official acts of inhumanity.

People who want to live in personal dignity, within community, are being told that they are an illegitimate Other, deserving to be punished.

In short, Hair Trompf is hurting too many people. More and more of us are feeling the pain and recognizing its source. And T is determined to make things worse.

In sum, T has psychologically traumatized the nation. He is trying to take away our joie de vivre and even our will to live, in order to turn us into a cowed, cynical, and self-defeating population like that of the Soviet satellite societies. But this nation is getting sick of his bullshit and is kicking back. Hair Trompf is Hitler-esque, but our America is neither post-WW1 Germany nor post-WW2 Eastern Europe.

If we keep up the good work of resisting, and of proposing and modeling a better way, people will see that the actions of their progressive neighbors defend and improve their chances of keeping what they’ve still got, and getting more.

They will move to quash what degrades their lives, and stands in the way of a better life, Hair Trompf and the Republicans.

The question is whether the Rs will pop the toaster before smoke begins to rise. Or whether they will short circuit our civil society, and the lights will go out.

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