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Trump County (don’t miss this)

February 22, 2017

From The Guardian: McDowell County WV, 74% Trump. He talked to them; Hillary talked honestly and caringly about them (and T lied about what she said, as you see in the first video, below). I know these people, because I’m a lot like them, and so are you (unless you’re Trump or you’re in the upper 2% or so—which you’re not), and because I had family nearby in KY.

Around the beginning of February, Bernie and Chris Hayes tried to hold, and film, a town hall-style forum here (like the one they did in Kenosha WI), but somebody got their venue permit cancelled. Bernie says that won’t stop him.

[3-14 Bernie did return to Mcdowell Co; here are some excerpts (And look, so to speak, Bernie would have carried WV, an WI, MI, and PA.  He not only talks to and with people, he listens closely, honors them, and helps them find their way.  He’s a mensch.  And btw, Bernie campaigned in McDowell Co. on May 5, ’16, in the Dem primary, which he won.]

(3-9:  Bernie will visit.)  3-10  Article:   Trumpcare v. McDowell County.]

The main point I want to make is that These Lives Matter, no matter how poor these people are. These are mostly—not all—white folks. We have to keep reminding ourselves that Black American Lives Matter, because we keep acting as if they don’t. In fascist (American-style) America, it’s very easy to act as if the lives of the very poor, of whatever complexion, just don’t much matter. If the Democratic Party is going to be the Democratic Party, all Democrats must keep reminding themselves that the lives of the very poor  matter just as much as the lives of billionaires. Democrats had better (morally and politically) act accordingly, and make sure that these people know it.

So here’s the excellent Guardian video-journalism report on the politics here.

Next, two videos of what poverty is (don’t miss either of these): Part One (followed by) Part Two.

You can see that this community has seen better days, in fact some very good days. They’re in trouble today though.

Yes and we have lots of communities who are poor like this in the U S.

We have democracy so that all of our fellow citizens, sisters and brothers, have a political voice. They get to vote (if the Republicans don’t bar them) so that they can express what they consider to be their best interests. Donald Trump told them that he was their voice and he would look out for them. Fucker.

Now, for a larger view of the county: like places throughout America, the natural world is beautiful here. People who live here love that beauty, and people who move away miss it sorely.

Here’s a video that was made locally (to show that there’s “more to the world than big cities and fast living”).

And here’s a road trip thru the mountains and towns (but I’ve driven back roads in nearby KY, where guys ran moonshine through the night to outrun the Revenuers—i.e. the Feds, and that’s really a trip).

Of course the coal Xtractive companies have been “removing” that beauty, and the life that it has supported, in a geological blink of the eye.  The mountain that I climbed no longer exists, nor does the stream at its base.  You wouldn’t know they ever existed.  And now, with coal profits falling, the Xtractors are rushing to remove as much as possible, while there is still some commercial value in it.

[Update:  not so far away, issues cut across Republican gerrymandering of districts?]

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