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Eye on Ball

February 19, 2017

For the Revolution, we must keep our eyes on the prize. For the Resistance, we must keep our eye on the ball.

As Ellison and Homer pointed out, Hair Trompf is a trickster figure, an illusionist. Like an evil Proteus, when confronted he will run through all his changes; and like Odysseus, we must keep him in our grasp until he has exhausted himself. Then we will see his constant form. One way of keeping our hold on him is to focus on his unchanging, personal goal.

I’m thinking that Hair Trompf’s goal is to be The World Leader, in wealth, power, and celebrity—and to leave all of that to his heirs. It will be the greatest dynasty the world has ever seen. I do think it is an imaginable goal, although it takes a sick imagination to unquestioningly fantasize oneself in that role, and furthermore to give the remainder of one’s life to making it happen—which, of course, it won’t; he’s fixin’ for a fall, and if we don’t take him down, he’ll take us all down with him. Stay focused on that. It is he, and he is the one thing that he is most able to focus on.

This Ahabian, monomaniacal, personal focus is also a trait of the fiends and freaks of his family and administrative inner circle. Indeed membership in his club requires unwavering loyalty to him, and a personal goal that is supportive of his.

The interrelated, mutually supportive vision, ideal, and goal of a Bannon, and others of that ilk whom T has gathered around him, is to lord it over their inferiors while enacting an apocalyptically self-devouring, enraged quest for World White Supremacy.

Likewise, the goal of the Koch Bros and their network of billionaire owners of the Republican Party is to enrich themselves to the max, and enjoy a life of unapproachable superiority.

And the goal of the politicians who operate the R Party, especially Pence, Roberts, Mitchell, Ryan, is to serve their masters, so as to enjoy a proportionate form of what is enjoyed by those above them, while manipulating the lives of the masses below them.

This last might seem considerably less exalted and self-satisfying; but unlike their masters, these last of the significant, who shall be first, are True Believers in God’s Idea for his creation, and so they add the satisfaction of the Righteous.

Yes, this narrative eye offers a midnight vision of the plot line; but we must not see as through a glass darkly. The plot is right here in plain sight. It is the bottom line, from the villainous point of view, and we must not look away.

[Mark Sumner’s page today is an example of what can be seen from an undistracted point of view. The page that he links re. the historical context of “enemy of the people” is a good one, and so is this one.]

And let’s keep in mind that 2018 is a deadline for the fascists, as well as for us anti-fascists. They must nullify our electoral opportunity.

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