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The Re-Vision Is Beginning

February 18, 2017

Yes, Dear Reader, I’m back, with my outloud thinking; and I’m very happy to be here with you. As narrator, I now have a two-fold job: (1) to extend the plot line with occasional new pages or episodes, in a bloglike manner, but free from obsession with the Trumpian daily misdirections; and, more important, (2) to assist the author with development of episodes that I left incomplete because of the daily distractions and the urgency (and drama) of the election season.

Meanwhile the author, having graciously admitted that he had volunteered to be a character (really, it was inevitable), will do his best to stay sane and push me to deepen my ruminations.

We have already revised the title of the novel, from Blog / A Novel to Bernie: A Re-Vision, to signal our agreement with Bernie’s basic diagnosis of the threats to our well-being, his vision of a healthy society, and the kinds of actions that he models. We agree with him, furthermore, that the kind and degree of changes that must be made amount to “a political revolution,” based on an ethical return to the humane vision of our founding principles.

We think that Bernie may yet emerge as the political protagonist of the novel, although we hope that a positive denouement and happy ending do not depend on it. The realities of the first draft discourage enthused speculation.

With this revision we hope to be making one of millions of contributions to a healthy extension of our collective and personal imaginations, and our democracy.

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