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Author’s Temporary End Page (Pt 3)

February 15, 2017

This is the end, my friend (as someone said). Et voila! That frees the author and narrator (yes, I’m renewing his contract), to begin a revision. Indeed I’m changing the title of the novel, in its second draft, to Bernie: A Re-vision (same subtitle). I’ll say more about the revision below (and I know the narrator has thoughts about “re” viewing, from an archetypal point of view), but first:

Many many thanks to readers of this, my first novel. At first I wrote with the understanding that no one was reading the pages. Like Dickinson or Stevens, in that one regard, I imagined a humanity of readers, with whom I shared the evolution of the human brain in its environment. I could hope. But how could I (or they) know? And how could our expression be complete? “There’s always the mind,” as S said. Watch it. Lose it. But it was only part of my subject. Then you came along; and it has been much more nourishing and fun, for me at least, knowing that actual persons were sharing in my thoughts.

Most important for the revision of this thought line will be to get back to the perspective and content of the original concept, instead of constantly re-acting to the daily Trump. The narrator and I will attempt to go deeper into re-flection (I’m learning—and I see where the narrator is predicting, even as a write, that Hair Trumpf is on his way out, which would certainly make way for healthy reflection, re-placing the trauma of our national freak-out).

So the revision will involve much re-visiting of episodes that were left incomplete (such as the nature of the psyche and its human pathologies, especially the “psycho”-pathologies of our democracy; the oneness of being; archetypal forms (image, story, conversation); imagination healthy and sick; pragmatic anarchy and the community of Larks!; evil; and fascism American style). No doubt the narrator will want to add, occasionally, new pages, so there will still be the fun of the possibility of new characters who come along and twist the plot.

Like, wasn’t it amazing that in the year when the Dems nominated a woman for the presidency, the Rs nominated and elected a womanizer, at the least, a serial sexual predator, and quite possibly a pedophile and rapist. I could make that stuff up, but it wouldn’t be considered believable. My novel would be panned as a piece of cheap political sensationalism. “So it goes”—to quote another Hoosier.

Meanwhile, the narrator will continue to turn me, too, into a character in a novel—something that, as I grow older, I find myself increasingly happy to become.

Alors, encore, je vous bien remercie. Grazie tanto. It has been a great pleasure. Everybody should do it, at least once.



[(Pt 1) and (Pt 2)]

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