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Hair Trumpf Is Toast

February 14, 2017

I know, I know, I used that metaphor during the week before the election. But this time I’m not basing it on polls and common sense. Concluding from info (granting my sources are liberal publications): the Republicans are rapidly determining that they’re reaching the point of severely diminishing returns on T. He’s hurting them more than he’s helping them, and things are going to get worse. They’ve known this would happen, but they thought it would come somewhat later.

Breve, T’s usefulness lay in the likelihood that he would sign R bills into law (along with his popularity with a portion of the active R constituency, plus despair in the rural Midwest); but now his screw-ups are preventing them from even getting to their agenda.  They’re chomping at the bit.  Pence, on the other hand, is even more of a sure thing. Dependable in every way.  Evil, but not crazy evil.  Rationally calculating, insidious.  Time to “re-move on,” R style.

Removing T, at some point, was going to help the Rs with the 2018 midterms, by removing a mill stone from the necks of their candidates.

Now the Russophile T connections and actions have become Nixonian (What did the President know and when did he know it?), and even Rs in Congress are beginning to publically ask.

Since the Rs control both houses of Congress, they have the power to impeach and find guilty (if T does not resign).

He’s in the toaster.

We must keep up the massive pressure, and then deal with Pence.

(And yes this is the narrator thinking out loud again. The author has not quite closed the first draft, and I want this page in there—right or wrong.)

[Update, just a bit later:  Maybe this looks so likely to me because I remember, so vividly, the lead-up to the Nixon removal.  And Nixon was the head of his party, with a long history of service.  T is an interloper who threatens leadership by both the Congressional Rs and the Koch Bros.  He’ll move against them as soon as he, and Bannon et al., get a chance; and they know that.  This is a high stakes game.  All the marbles, among people who have lost theirs.

And just a bit later than that:  this, and this, and this.  Already too late for damage control.  In spite or global warming, looks to me as though this thing is becoming a snow ball, on a steep slope. Wishful thinking?  In my memory it feels like another moment when people throughout government perceive a mortal threat, and begin to take action to purge it.  It’s like what my body did, a couple weeks ago, when it sensed something terribly wrong in my gut.

Qs looking for answers.  A time line and Qs.  This thing is on the Republicans.

And just to give it a lighter look, here’s what we’ll miss.  Not.]

  1. David Waisel permalink

    Your optimistic prognostication (OP) belies the history of the election, the primary, the descent on immigrants in Trump tower and, to add one more, the mild success of a KGB Lt. Col with many of the same characteristics as Trump. Neville, your OP gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

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