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Author’s Temporary End Page (Pt 2)

February 11, 2017

No doubt I’m the world’s only reader of this entire novel. And I have read every page as it was posted.

As its first draft closes, I want to try to step outside my role as one of the novel’s characters, “the author,” to offer a few reflections by an English major with almost 60 years of observation of American politics.

Nope, can‘t do it. But I’ll offer the thoughts anyway, because I believe that they are assertions that offer strong enough truth claims to serve as assumptions in the revision of the ms., even while requiring additional reflection.

(1) Urgently, the person, Donald “Freaking” Trump, is so deeply troubled, psychologically, that he is manifestly unfit for public office.

(2) The psychopathologies of American democracy that form the subject of the novel have been demonstrated by its characters, individually and in groups, to be real and present dangers.

(3) The Republican Party has been emerging as the American fascist party since the 1920s. It was kicked back during the ‘30s and ‘40s, because of the utter failure of its economic fantasy, and then war with the European fascist nations; but soon thereafter, it began its comeback, disguising its intentions first as patriotic anti-communism (e.g. Joe McCarthy and Koch, pere) and then as Libertarian natural law (e.g. les Koch fils)—both ruses presented as being ordained by God; and now it feels itself approaching an orgasm of wish fulfillment.

(4) As the narrator has pointed out, Hair Trump, the novel’s emotionally ill villain, in becoming the head of that fascist party, has brought our psychopathologies into a powerful cohesion with which to impose his will—on everyone including that party.

I want to add that he has brought to the presidency a fasces of greed, hatred, and delusion, which he tries to wave like a magic wand of illusion. He believes so strongly in the existence of his self that he is obsessed with himself, frequently is distracted by himself, and probably will be consumed by himself. Very unsatisfying. But although his madness has only an unruly method, it does have a unifying goal, to make of himself a god. A memory that will live 2000 years. Sisters and brothers, the man is fukt. Be careful of him.

(5) Because T’s vileness was evident to any adult before election day, good persons who voted for him have no excuse, their lives bear the classic Greek, indelible moral stain; they need not be ashamed of their error, but they must be responsible to it. Thanks to them, American democracy now faces its worst immediate threat since the Cuban missile crisis.

(6) Frankly, I’m still in and out of tears about what we are doing to ourselves. But just think how people must have felt during the Civil War—a real “American carnage,” that we have not yet gotten over. It’s time, and past time, to deal with ourselves. We require the courage to be unrelentingly honest among ourselves and to take relentless action against the forces of oppression. And we require the wisdom to propose, and try to enact, a universal vision of the good life for all American citizens. Shoes for all god’s chillun. This side heaven, walking out of hell.

(7) Along with fascism, we are experiencing two catastrophes that would be with us even if Hillary had become president. They are the main issues that Bernie emphasized in his campaign: global climate change, and the chicken/egg combo of extreme maldistribution of wealth (for most of us, simply of “means”) and the dictatorial influence of wealth in American politics. They are intertwined with two other ongoing problems, globalization and robotics/AI, that will exacerbate our difficulty in providing adequate financial resources for our citizens.

Now, let’s see, where’s that damned ox? And where’s that damned ox herder? I can never find them when I want them.

[Here’s (Pt 1) of this end page. In (Pt 3), coming soon, I’ll explain my plan for revision of the novel.]

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