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January 22, 2017

6-10-18  Masha Gessen and George Orwell on what totalitarian lying does to us.

2-28-18  “Lying spreads like influenza among those in Trump’s orbit.”  Dana Milbank, WaPo, about Hope Hicks admitting she routinely lied for T, and resigning.

1-30-18  R weaponization of lying, at risk of national security.

12-8  See update at the beginning of page, “Liar-in-Chief.”

10-23  Anybody still think this can’t get any worse?  And.

8-7 NYT:  “Many Politicians Lie.  But Trump Has Elevated the Art of Fabrication.”

8-3  But are we developing an immunity?

7-11  A year-long lie, and it’s about criminal behavior.

6-26  Two, ongoing lists of Trompf lies:  300+ and counting every day.

6-8  Director of FBI knew it was in T’s character to lie, and felt the sting of T’s lies about the functional state of the Bureau.  [Here’s the thing, we can’t have a society based on the rule of law unless we all agree to the existence of truth and the necessity of honesty.  When T asked C for “loyalty,” which in context meant loyalty to me if it’s either me or the rule of law, C (who famously called T a liar) said he would always give T “honesty.”  T must have been thinking, “Not my kind of guy.”]

5-27  Republicans lying their party straight into hell.

5-17  “An officer may not tolerate a lie.”  Let’s see, what would that entail,  and why would that be?  Maybe because lives are at stake and will be lost if the officer does not adhere to reality; and because the mission would be put at risk; and the mission is to defend the nation and the principles enunciated in its Constitution?  Might it have something to do with personal integrity and honor?

4-17  Short but one of the best of this episode.

4-11  Joe Wilson, meet Poetic Justice.

3-22:  Lying as a tribal failure.

2-26:  100 lies in 36 days by Trump and his aides.

2-20:  Indeed the problem is, with all these lies to his discredit, what happens when a president needs public credulity?  (Keeping in mind that a Presidential power failure can easily hurt all of us.

2-17:  Bill Maher:  “Presidents Day weekend, a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come since our first President, who said, ‘I cannont tell a lie.'”

2-13:  Must add this tour-de-force by John Oliver.]

I’m thinking that when even the corporate media, at long last, call an “alternative fact” a lie, I can stop trying to keep up.  They seem to be getting the importance of the distinction.

That’s a relief, because the Trumpsters tell such a compulsive and calculated stream of lies that I simply can’t keep up—that’s a major part of their strategy. They delegitimize everything in life except themselves and their selfish exercise of power, until we have no alternative universe but theirs, them. *

So I’ll ease up, in this episode, unless/until a particular Trump lie comes along that offers the destructive magnitude of a lie such as WMDs.

Wait for it! Watch for it!

But always let’s keep in mind what American society has come to: Do we base our personal and collective perspective, perceptions, and actions on reality, truth, and honesty? Or do we allow Republican politicians and wealthy enablers to cancel that, and subvert our democracy?

Will we be honest with ourselves and others?

* Illustrations from the Alt-Universe: 2 + 2 = 22. If given the opportunity, water always prefers to flow uphill. Putin wants only what is best for the Russian and American people. If the President says it, it isn’t a lie. It just can’t be.

Btw, the Emperor is offering a good price on a suit of clothes. Only worn once. (There is a rumor that will soon advertise a cheap knock-off, made in America with prison labor.)

[Page:  “Liar-in-Chief.”  Index to pages of “Lies” episode.]

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