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Diary 1-16-17

January 16, 2017

Dear Diary – I’ve got to be honest with you. In spite of the increasing evidence that T is remarkably dangerous, and the growing resistance by grass roots folks and by politicians, I can’t honestly say that I see things working out well. I feel sure that millions of people will do everything that we can; but I don’t feel confident that we can sufficiently restrain the filthy rich, the Republicans, and Trump before it’s too late. I’m afraid that the combination of the chaotic and megalomaniacal Trump ego, his shallow and greedy family, the white supremacists such as Bannon who will directly influence him, the plutocrats, racists, and authoritarian Christian dominionists of the Republican Party, the “libertarian” self-supremacist (public and shadow) billionaires who fund the Republicans, the hegemonic Russian plutocrats, and our own foolishness will be too much for us.

A lot of lives will be damaged and destroyed. We might or might not come through this with our democracy intact.

However, I’ve been knocked our for a week by a dreadful flu. Maybe I’ll recover enuf energy by inauguration day to be able to imagine survival. Karma has brought us a worthy opponent.

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