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Poisoned Parenthood

January 12, 2017

[It might strain suspension of disbelief, but I actually drafted this page before the Revelation of the Golden Showers. *  Surely this is proof of the existence of archetypal synchronicities between art and life. You actually can make this stuff up, but you don’t have to; it’s just life. Meaning just keeps rolling out.]

Republican legislators, like Paul Ryan, obsessively, compulsively poison everything they do. It’s their way of marking territory. A current example is their bill to repeal the Affordable (health)Care Act. Not satisfied by taking away health care (by making it unaffordable) from tens of millions of Americans who have enrolled in an ACA insurance plan, or who will do so if given the chance, Republicans have to gratuitously attack women’s opportunities for health care, by using their bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

In that way they say emphatically that our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, possessed by every person by virtue of being human and a citizen, do not include adequate health care, even though we could, as a people, make it available, because that would reduce the profits of certain wealthy persons.

Inalienable rights are too difficult to commodify.

So the Republicans are saying, you will pay us, the plutocratic aristocracy, for the privilege of health care, or you will perish.

Most important to them, is that in that way they say with authority, especially to women and children, we are in control here. Piss on you. We control the health of your body, your family, and your community.

This is an “ownership society,” as W proclaimed, and we own you. You work for us. You live to serve our interests.

And they say it with a righteous self-satisfaction.

*If the Revelation  is not factually accurate, it is all the more true, and all the more Trump’s.  As I’ve explored on previous pages, T has a master talent for inventing himself as image, story, and conversation (although in that he gets too corny for my taste).  It’s like his expressive imagination, although sick, has no inhibitions.  From a creative writing point of view, he is the epitome of getting rid of the inner critique.  And while we’re at that, and being scatological, we might say he has the runs.[Index to “Trump” episode.]

[Index to “Trump” episode.]

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