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Got Gas? Oil? Fascist Foreign Policy?

January 5, 2017

[Update 2-18:  Here we go.  Welcome to the New, New World Order,  US-Russo Axis to extract natural resources and control populations.]

I’m talking Russian Arctic fossil fuels, plus an ExxonMobile Secretary of State.

“So EVs pose an existential threat in the medium term to oil companies like ExxonMobil, which require rising demand to keep prices from simply collapsing. Putin himself might well also consider EVs a threat to Russia’s economic future, one key to which is a $500 billion Arctic drilling deal with ExxonMobil that Obama’s sanctions stopped” (Joe Romm in Think Progress; quot. in this article, but be sure to read the article linked in the quot., including map of drilling areas; and here’s another take on it; 1-9: and this.).

That’s half a trillion bucks, US, for spending by Russian and American oligarchs.

Can we be more obvious? A man who is all Businessman becomes President and appoints the CEO of a major business to be his Secretary of State, as a way of using the federal government as a tool of business, and make them both more wealthy: the SoS can directly negotiate a lucrative deal between his corporation (represented by the US government) and a foreign state.

It’s the art of the Putin-Trump deal. Filthy rich (in metaphor and pollution) persons and corporations getting even wealthier and filthier.

The US gets wealth for its few, plus the possibility of more business deals (and a fantaized partnerrship against China?); Russia gets to profit from extraction of its fossil fuel reserves (strengthening Putin at home and abroad), partnership with the US (and the positive aura that comes with that), disregard of its meddling in US elections, recognition of its claim to the Crimea, cooperation (including weakening NATO), with its potential return to domination over the East European former Soviet satellites, and cooperation with its pursuit of its interests along its southern frontier

It’s winner-winner-losers.

[Earlier page about fascist foreign policy.]

[1-6-17 update re. Russian cyber attacks.  And another (Putin, the autocratic businessman, wanted to vote against Hillary, and wanted to vote for Trump, so he did to the US what he did to Ukraine in 2014).

1-11:  U S Foreign Policy:  Make Russia Great Again.]

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