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Dream 12-26-16

December 26, 2016

I was living with my dog in a house with many, many rooms, off long corridors. I woke up late at night, and when I flipped the light switch the light did not come on. I tried, for a while, to figure out why the light was not working; but then I gave up and we went down the hall to the next room. But the light wouldn’t come on there either, so we tried many more rooms, with no success. Just when I was wondering why, throughout the house, the electricity wasn’t working, I saw in the distance that there were a couple of rooms that had light. Yet we went into the very next room, where it was also dark; and here we found that two men were inflicting horrific pain on some people. I bashed the crap out of the men; but while doing so I called for police to come and get them, as an act of self-restraint.

[When I woke out of this dream, while still semi-asleep I was in a very agitated state, physically and emotionally, and I rearranged the sheet and blankets, as if it were a Herculean task, with a sense of intense determination.

This might be the last dream in this novel, and if so, I think it is fitting. Regular readers know something of my dog.]

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  1. so maybe there’s parts of you capable of inflicting great pain on others (or other parts of yourself), and another part of you wants to stop it, but even this side of you is scared you might go too far (like the one’s you’re trying to stop), scared perhaps that you don’t know what’s happening in that part of you (the lights are off, it’s mysterious) but it’s also a familiar spot for you, perhaps this side of you is like a good companion (dog). of course all of this happening in your house (yourself) that is full of doors, full of possibilities and many unanswered questions. maybe you feel at home in this mystery.

    couldn’t resist thinking about this.

    • Totally. Thnx. And hey, what a compliment to my unconscious brain activity that you couldn’t resist thinking about one of its creations. Nice addition to this page too. Always good to hear from a character of the novel who is also a reader!

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