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Steps to Fascism (American-style)

December 20, 2016

Trump must not ever be allowed to say, “I’m just unusual, extraordinary, exceptional; and this is an exception that I’m making. I know best. I’m going to keep my personal body guards in addition to the Secret Service” [for instance, or using his tower as his HQ, are putting a general at the head of the Department of Defense, or…]. And by the way, I’m a very good person.”

He must not be allowed to turn himself into an extra-governmental president. He wants to “own” our federal government, in both the literal and slang metaphorical senses of that word. Give him an extra-governmental el, and he’ll take a U, an S, and an A. Let’s face it, he wants to own the world.

Or here’s another example: Gingrich says the situation (a billionaire president) is “unprecedented,” so we have to rethink everything, including abandoning “traditional” rules and ways of doing things. Those ways aren’t traditional, they’re democratic and historical; we’ve spent generation after generation figuring them out and putting them in place—now we have to fight to keep them, in place. Every move the Trumpster makes to function as president outside our established procedures of governance is a slap in the face of our democracy, a subversion of our democracy, on the way to replacing it with himself, his reigning family, and his fascist political party.

And btw, Donald Trump is not a very good person. He has already shown his capacity for evil. If we let him, he’ll show us much more.

From an earlier page: There remains only to consider whether Trump is evil. Yes, he is. He chooses, for the sake of personal self-aggrandizement, to viciously corrupt the imagination, to deny the significance of human suffering, and thus to deny the soul in its pathos, to eliminate the distinction between truth and falsehood, to do great injury to persons, to deny innate human worth, to undermine the possibility of peaceable human community, and to do harm to the body politic, while recklessly inciting others to do the same, equally for his self-aggrandizement. In this way, Trump is, indeed, extraordinary.

[Page 1 of the incomplete episode, “How Fascism Came to America.” Index page to “F A-s.]

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