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Fascism by Any Other Name

December 18, 2016

doth stink the same. Josh Marshall is on it, using the phrase, with tongue in cheek I’m sure, “growth producing synergies”:

Norman Eisen (Obama’s White House Ethics lawyer), Richard Painter (Bush 43’s White House Ethics lawyer) and Larry Tribe have just released a deep dive on Donald Trump, the “emoluments” clause and running the presidency as a business loss leader. I hope this will spur forward a discussion that goes beyond ‘conflicts of interest’ to using the presidency as a tool to create growth producing synergies between “the United States” and “the Trump Organization.” It is the ultimate ‘synergy.’

As I’ve said, these aren’t “conflicts”. This is the plan!

Marshall then gives us a taste of the “overview” of the report, and a link to the entire report (pdf).

I’ve suggested that Trump will show us the style of “fascism American style,” beginning with his daily family style show. With this report, we get to the meat of it.

“Running the presidency as a business loss leader” is a marvelous phrase. Almost worth the agony.

It reminds us that these people are not “fascists,” in their minds, they’re the world’s most capable and successful businessmen, doing business with each other. Entente. Entendu.

In this context I want to voice again my deeper fear: I don’t see how monopoly corporate capitalism, even in its Government Department, can tolerate competition—as in, democratic elections to determine personnel, policies, and expenditures.

[Index to “Fascism American-Style” episode.]

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