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Dreams 12-12-16

December 12, 2016

A group of friends and others and I came under attack by a being that was immensely, outrageously, malicious and powerful. Clearly its intention was to annihilate us. [In keeping with my usual fantasy of how I would respond in such a situation—who knows how I’d actually be,] I confronted this being and refused to give in. The confrontation was so emotionally total and unyielding that, even while dreaming, my thought was that I had never been so tense and intense in a dream. It was like my entire being was a set of gritting teeth and teary fierceness. Desperately, I was holding my own, but with a distinct sense that this opponent was so powerful that ultimately I would be overwhelmed. [I suspect that, at a much earlier time, such a dream would have led me to conclude that there exists a supernatural agency of evil. As it is, I have to own it within my sense of myself and general humanity. Maybe just one spoon of gravy too many; maybe an image, an archetypal pattern in my/our imagination. Whatever, it was big.]

[Shortly after that dream, I dreamed that] a group of friends from years ago and I, led by RS (whose photo, and photo of her beautiful black dog, I had recently seen on fb) were gathered on a lawn. Other people had come out to watch. Some time back, RS had placed something (more or less like a large box) on a platform in the air high above, and now she needed to retrieve it. We were all there to help, by swinging up to it. Each of us held onto the end of a broad, red ribbon, suspended from very high above, and we pumped ourselves upward the way children do in swings on a playground, in vast sweeping arcs. Everyone was having quite a good time, and the feeling of this dream was very pleasant. [Equally archetypal, of course. Wondrously mysterious.]

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