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Okay. At what point

December 9, 2016

does the kid in the crowd look up and say, “Mom, why do we have a president-elect who thinks he’s an emperor?” and people look at each other and say, also out loud, “OMG, I was just thinking the same thing?  And you know what, the guy is nuts and he’s dangerous.”

(It’s all so obvious, but the novel needs this page.)

Who can be that kid? What could he say that would free the truth?  What would it take, to produce that moment?  Will it come too late?

I remember the “at long last, sir, have you no decency,” moment that broke Joe McCarthy’s spell. I doubt that that would do it today. We’re too jaded. Decency?

I also remember the broader turn of the public, including my conservative Republican neighbors, away from Dick Nixon. They realized that he had stepped out of bounds and the play was whistled dead. But that took a process of review, in which Republican politicians came to agree with the call, and said so publically. Nixon would be impeached for high crimes. He had broken rules that were required, in order to have the game.

My sense of it is that, with McCarthy and Nixon, the owners and managers of the Republican Party were the ones who had to make the call. When they decided that the offenders had become more of a liability than a benefit, to them, they took the players off the field. I don’t see today’s Republican Party making the same call. They’ll watch Trump running all over the sidelines, trampling people, and smile with approval, as long as he runs up the score. The rules of their game are made by the guy who carries the ball for them.

[Update 12-13:  How much the Republicans can see, and like it.  On the other hand, they can hold this over his head, like a Damocles sword, because he can be impeached by a R House and removed from office by a R Senate, for conflict of interest, at any moment that he won’t cooperate with their agenda.  And.]

We need the kid to say, as well, “Mom, why is one of our major political parties owned and operated by fascists?”

And we need for people to go wide-eyed with alarm over that.

[Fascist? Seriously? Yep. I’m thinking, RP philosophy of gov that features ownership and operation of gov by corporations and wealthy families, for their financial profit; RP suppression of democracy as a means of distribution of power and as a method of governance; and RP collaboration in Trumpian demogoguery and willingness to crush opponents violently.

Stand a duck and the RP side by side. “Mom,..?”]

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